Sitefly Helps Local Businesses Create Websites With 1-Click Using Their Facebook Page

PROVIDENCE, RI – SITEFLY, a Providence based startup has launched a new web app where you can create a website in seconds using your Facebook business page.  With a single click, SITEFLY will take the amazing content from your Facebook page and create you a beautiful, mobile optimized website which will then, automatically update itself each time you post or edit your Facebook. Once your site is created, SITEFLY provides an intuitive interface where users can easily customize their sites look and feel, add pages and attach custom domains.

SITEFLY is currently working with dozens of local business owners saving them time and money by providing an easy-to-use, DIY platform that allows you to create and manage your own website without having to rely on a third party web designer/developer.

“Facebook is perfect for small businesses to interact directly with their customers and build strong relationships” said, Satish Boppana, Founder/CEO. “However, a website allows businesses establish true credibility online while conveying the full breadth and depth of their business.”

Since November, SITEFLY has grown to help nearly 2,400 businesses from over 100 countries worldwide.  SITEFLY also offers e-commerce, hosting, custom domains, SEO features and analytics.  SITEFLY is planning to continue development of their app by constantly improving its current state while introducing new features like new site templates, social integration and more.


SITEFLY was founded in November, 2012 and is located in Providence.  SITEFLY is an alum of the Betaspring startup accelerator and a member of the TiE Boston entrepreneurship organization.  SITEFLY’s mission is to provide the worlds fastest website builder. Learn more about SITEFLY at

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