Secretary of State A. Ralph Mollis Releases 2014 First Quarter Data for New Business Creation

PROVIDENCE, RI – The number of new business entities created in the first quarter of 2014 rose compared to a year ago, according to data released today by the office of Secretary of State A. Ralph Mollis.

The first quarter of 2014 is up 4.35% from the first quarter of 2013. From January through March 1st, 1,989 new business entities registered with the Secretary of State’s office; this is up over 4% compared to the first quarter of 2013, when 1,906 registered.  In the first quarter of 2012, 1,976 new business entities registered.

“This is a clear sign the economy may be improving, so this should be viewed with optimism. The data shows entrepreneurs are confident in Rhode Island’s long-term potential, and are placing business roots right here in Rhode Island, where they know they can grow and be successful,” said Mollis.

Mollis tracks quarterly business filings because most newly formed business entities in Rhode Island choose a corporate structure that requires registering with his office.  More than 70,000 limited liability companies and for-profit and non-profit corporations are currently registered.

In addition to its work with start-ups, the Secretary of State’s office also oversees recording commercial liens, registering notaries public and protecting corporate trademarks.

The Secretary of State’s office also offers free workshops, both in English and Spanish to business owners to help them start, grow, manage and market their businesses.  A full list of workshops can be found on our official website at:

For more information about the programs and services offered to Rhode Islanders by the Secretary of State’s office, please view our VIDEO and visit our website at

Secretary of State Mollis is committed to making it easier for Rhode Islanders to vote, making it easier to do business in Rhode Island and making government more open and accessible.


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