Save The Bay’s #StartYourSwim program offers free workouts and fitness class discounts to swimmers registered for the July 27 Swim fundraiser

Save The Bay has launched #StartYourSwim, a new swimmer training and incentive program, to support the training efforts of registered participants in the organization’s annual open water Swim fundraiser, taking place this year on July 27. In addition to providing free workouts from master swimmers and open water coaches to the online Swim community, Save The Bay has partnered with local fitness organizations, including Laid Back Fitness, Rhode Island Power Yoga, and the Newport and Providence chapters of the November Project to offer discounts on fitness classes and programs to all registered swimmers.

“Participants in the Swim tackle a 1.7-nautical-mile, open water journey,” said Save The Bay Events Manager, Leanne Danielsen. “It’s an exciting challenge, but we know it can be a big one, too. Our goal for #StartYourSwim is to offer support and training to all the amazing swimmers who register for the Swim, to encourage new or undecided swimmers by giving them the cross-training tools they need to prepare, and to strengthen the ties throughout our Swim community.”

“We’re so happy to be participating in this program because we believe encouraging others to step outside their comfort zones can be game-changing,” said Erin Briskie, co-organizer and manager of the participating organization, the November Project. “It can be hard to take on new challenges alone, but great things can happen when you have a community to support you!”

The Save The Bay Swim fundraiser and community have been growing for more than 40 years, and the event has become one of the most iconic of its kind in the country. Every year, as many as 500 swimmers register to fundraise for Save The Bay, and for the unparalleled experience of swimming from Newport, R.I. to Jamestown, R.I. in the shadow of the Claiborne Pell Bridge.

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