Revenizer Partners with Mailchimp and Others to Create the First Online Marketing Coach for Small Business

PROVIDENCE, RI (September 27, 2012) – Revenizer, an online application developed to help small businesses get more from their online marketing efforts, today announced its partnership with MailChimp, adding scorecards with real-time statistics and built in advice on how to get better results from the email marketing service. The application also supports Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics, LinkedIn, YouTube, foursquare and FreshBooks in a similar way.

“I developed Revenizer having been a small business marketing consultant for a number of years. What I came to realize is that many small businesses and entrepreneurs have neither the time, expertise nor resources to take advantage of all the new marketing platforms now available. They need help,” said Phil Rogers, CEO of Revenizer. “Rather than just providing numbers, we added a ‘Smart Tips’ library to each metric with best practice and research-based advice sourced from our partners and leading web marketing experts. Now small business has an automated marketing coach so they can know what is working and not working as well as get advice.”
This approach not only improves performance for small businesses but increases the value of the web-based marketing applications that they use. Through use of this service, business owners can easily monitor and share key marketing statistics, all from a single location in real time. The “Smart Tips” help determine the “what to do next” step.

“One of the hardest pieces about email marketing is understanding how to take action on all the reporting data you get back. Opens, clicks, unsubscribes, it’s all great info but then what? How many people actually change what they’re doing as a result of the info they get from their report,” said Amy Ellis, Head of Partnerships and Integrations at Mailchimp. “Revenizer takes all the reporting data that you get back from MailChimp and in turn gives you actionable ways to improve your marketing based on research and best practices.”

The “Smart Tip” libraries are continually updated so users do not have to worry about keeping up with the latest changes. With Revenizer, the most recent thinking is available in short, simple and motivational snippets by mousing over the “Smart Tip” icon next to every stat. It is easy to click through to the source article, “how to” guide or video if the user wants to learn more.

“There are a lot of tools for people that already know the ins and outs of web marketing. The vast majority of businesses that are still trying to figure it out have been ignored. Over the next few years, millions more small businesses will begin to use online marketing tools. Revenizer is built to help in a really easy and accessible way,” said Rogers. “Our goal is not just to level the playing field but to make web marketing more productive for small business.”

About Revenizer
Revenizer gives small business the easiest and fastest way to improve marketing results and save time. The application goes beyond the dashboard, with simplified marketing statistics from the business’s existing applications combined with built-in expert tips on what you need to do to improve. As online marketing continues to rapidly change and evolve, Revenizer serves a fast-growing small business need that spans all verticals and geographies.

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