Providence Community Health Centers, Prairie Avenue Health Center Achieved Leed Silver Certification

PROVIDENCE, RI – Vision 3 Architects, one of Rhode Island’s leading sustainable architectural design firms, announced today that Providence Community Health Centers, Prairie Avenue Health Center has been awarded LEED Silver Certification by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

The health center consists of a two-story addition to two existing historic buildings that were once part of the Federated Lithographers Company. The existing buildings had been empty for years, the site was a brownfield, and the neighborhood was desperate for change. Providence Community Health Centers and Vision 3 Architects are creating that change by designing a sustainable campus dedicated to improving the health of the community. The health center has now been recognized as LEED Silver Certified.

Many of the sustainable features of the project came from the site itself. The design of the storm water system captures and treats 100% of the storm water on site. The reuse of the existing building shell limited the amount of demolition waste brought to landfills. Many of the building’s original window openings that had been blocked over for many years have been reopened to flood the health center with natural daylight minimizing light fixture use. The materials used for the interior of the health center were selected because they would contribute to a healthy environment for patients and staff, improving indoor air quality of the building. LEED initiatives included reduced heat Islands through the use of white TPO roofing; 40% water use reduction by use of low-flow fixtures; expected energy savings 20% below ASHRAE standards; recycled 100% non-hazardous construction debris; 80% FSC certified wood-base products; 27% recycled content; low voc materials, products and furniture; and 16% regional materials.

The new health center has 45 exam rooms and includes pediatric, internal medicine, ob/gyn, urgent care, behavioral health, and specialty clinics. Providence Community Health Centers is the largest community health provider in Rhode Island serving over 35,000 patients a year.

About Vision 3 Architects

Founded in 1987, Vision 3 Architects is a nationally recognized architectural and interior design firm based in Rhode Island. Whether planning new construction or adapting for re-use, Vision 3 designs buildings and spaces that are functional and cost-efficient while respecting each project’s unique geographic, historical and programmatic context. A dedicated team of professionals develops creative design solutions for many industries, including healthcare, education, hospitality and corporate office. Vision 3 employs environmentally sustainable design practices. This commitment to design excellence and innovation has brought them national recognition and awards. For more information about Vision 3 Architects, visit or follow us on LinkedIn













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