Providence-Based Rolfer® Marks Twenty Years in Practice

PROVIDENCE, RI – When Greg Knight opened his Rhode Island-based Rolfing practice in 1994, it was his goal to help clients find greater ease of movement, and greater freedom of expression and awareness. Twenty years later, that goal remains the same.

“Primarily clients want to resolve chronic pain, to improve their posture and to move with more ease and efficiency,” said Greg Knight, owner of Greg Knight Rolfing. “They get those things from our sessions because the inner alignment of their body is being changed.”

“Their bodies have more inner space, more natural support, more fullness, and dimensionality – it’s a process which inherently reduces tension and increases physical capacities. People feel more spacious and grounded, more at home in their bodies,” said Knight.

For over seventy years, Rolfing has been recognized as one of the most effective means for both resolving chronic pain and transforming how a person moves.  Developed by Dr. Ida Rolf, Rolfing Structural Integration (RSI) works on a web-like complex of tissues to release, realign and balance the whole body, and by doing so can reduce compensations and alleviate pain.

Rolfing is a unique method of soft­ tissue manipulation and movement education for restoring the body’s natural alignment and balance. It provides a structural understanding for how a body compensates over time for strain and tension and a clear method to realign the body in gravity.

A typical session begins with the Rolfing practitioner evaluating the client’s structure and habits of movement. The work itself is usually done lying down, or sometimes sitting or standing. The session involves techniques that give a client time to adjust to the work that is being done.

“I started working with Greg after a long term shoulder injury would not heal,” said Jill Schlesinger of Providence. “I had tried many things – chiropractic, massage, even consulted with an orthopedic surgeon.  In four visits with Greg, I experienced remarkable progress with my shoulder.  As a result, I continued to see Greg for other nagging aches and pains and found that each session increased my overall well-being.”

Born in Albany, NY, and brought up in Kensington, MD, Greg Knight has been interested in human development, physical movement and embodiment since his late teens.   He attended the University of Chicago where he studied philosophy and psychology and graduated Phi Beta Kappa in 1992.  At Chicago, Knight also began his study of body and movement therapies, studying t’ai chi, chi kung, yoga, aikido and meditation.

“Greg is a compassionate practitioner and a creative Rolfer.  He knows his trade and goes beyond it,” said Jack Childs, former director of the Holistic Counseling Program at Salve Regina University.

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