Power Up Your Workplace Using Feng Shui

By now, many of you have heard of the ancient practice of Feng Shui. It’s a thousands of years- old science and art of creating harmony, support, and the flow of beneficial energy into an environment. Perhaps you’ve even hired a Feng Shui consultant to advise you on creating a home full of beauty, function, and empowering your life dreams. But did you know Feng Shui is equally effective in the workplace and readily applied to your office?

Ancient man first began utilizing this amazing form of holistic, architectural healing art to determine where natural conditions encouraged the optimal siting of their houses. Feng Shui’s basic principle of intention, balance of  yin and yang (opposing energies such as light and dark, active and still), flow of ch’i or vital energy in a space, the 5 elements, and placement based on a grid or compass reading, is still very much in use today in the east as well as in the west.

You can also utilize these concepts and tools to attract empowering energies into a workplace. Whether you work at home at a small desk in part of a room, or are a in a corporate setting or private office you can “up your work game” with Feng Shui quickly and easily. Do you feel stuck in your career, overwhelmed with clutter and unfinished tasks, or are not receiving the recognition and notice due in return for all of your efforts?

Here are 3 simple techniques to quickly and efficiently to shift the energy at work in your favor and get it moving in a positive direction for you:

First, be in charge of your space with the Command Position. Place your desk diagonally facing the door, or facing the door directly from the back wall. Be sure to leave enough space here from the wall so energy can freely circulate. Make sure you are supported by a solid wall behind you. You now have the “wide view”, and you can easily see the front door. In Feng Shui, seeing the front door = success. The energy of power always accumulates in the back of a space – and that is where you need to be situated. Anyone entering your office or room must face you and acknowledge you. Notice how  the energy shifts in your favor when you get physical (and energetic) control of your space. Never have your back facing a door. You’re totally vulnerable to surprise visitors who can create a sense of ambush – most disempowering for you. If you are working in the unfortunate, but common office layout of a series of tiny, cramped cubicles with your back to the door, don’t panic.  A great Feng Shui “cure” or solution for this is to place a small mirror on your desk or mounted on your computer so you can see what’s going on behind you. Feng Shui has your back! Even the smallest adjustment, when placed with mindful intention, can have immediate benefits for you.

Next, lose the clutter and make it your powerful business to keep your desk clear. Clutter is such a deleterious, self-sabotaging energy that literally sucks the vital life force or ch’I from your office. It’s a  proven scientific fact that we tend to actualize what we perceive. Your subconscious mind reads the environmental cues of  what’s in  a space much in the same way you can read the body language of a person and sense what they’re feeling. These cues become “triggers” that dictate to your conscious mind a series of corresponding behaviors.  So encountering an out-of-control, paper and clutter-filled office immediately notifies your conscious mind that you are overwhelmed, chaotic, and stressed. You then act upon these negative cues fed to you by your environment. Your corresponding, disempowering behavior is the direct result of this spatial read out through the filter of your subconscious mind. It’s no wonder why you feel stuck in your career and can’t seem to get moving on your projects and goals. Clean Up and Power Up. Make room for what you want and need to happen in your professional life.  New insights, ideas, and creative leaps can only happen when you’ve made the energetic and physical space for them. In Feng Shui, our internal states of being and our external states are mirrors of each other. What does your office right now say about how power can move easily into it and within it as well as how powerful you wish to be?

Finally, Look Up And See What You’re Working For. Do you have a personal and/or professional goal or intention that informs your life right now?  The more of your vital, unique life force that you infuse into a space, the more it will support you. Incorporate your core, motivating desires into your office with a picture, object, or strong visual presence that will continually remind you of why you’re there when you look up. Remember the power of the subconscious mind and how it informs your conscious thoughts and behaviors. Be totally supported throughout the day with empowering cues that manifest important, positive actions on your behalf.

So power up with Feng Shui as you take control of your professional life by being totally aware of the potent energies of the physical placement of your office as well as the energetic cues you are supplying yourself with every minute you are there. Creating a template of power in your workplace will align you with forward, energizing momentum in your career.


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