Overwhelmed due to your Disorganization?

Many of my clients will use the following words to describe how they feel about the disorganization in their office: overwhelmed, paralyzed, stuck, distracted, anxious, and unable to focus. They feel work is stressful enough and their disorganization is adding to the stress. Every client that calls me describes it the same way. They want to be able to be more efficient and productive, but just don’t know where to begin in their office. They walk into their office, look at the office on a whole, get overwhelmed, and push the situation to the side and continue about their day. The disorganization never improves and they continue to function as they have because the thought of getting organized is too overwhelming. Does this sound familiar?

Here are 5 issues that will cause stress:

1.         Mental clutter – Get it out of your head and onto paper/electronics.

2.         Physical clutter – This causes a distraction for you and your clients.

3.         Not managing your time properly – Do you tend to create more work for yourself? Think about streamlining processes and procedures.

4.         Not utilizing a to-do list – Not using one will allow you to forget things which will in turn cause stress.

5.         No systems in place – Nothing in your office has a home or a working system, which will create stress when you go to search for something.

All of the above will lead to decreased productivity and will ultimately affect your business.

Do you want to make a change? You have to first admit you are disorganized and overwhelmed. This, for some people, is very difficult to admit and most won’t admit to it.  I can spot a disorganized person from a mile away. They are consumed by their disorganization, mentally and physically.  They tend to be scattered with their day-to-day work flow and switch from task to task without accomplishing much. They also get distracted very easily.

Once you can admit that you are overwhelmed due to your disorganization and your business is spiraling downward because of it, it’s time to make a change. Admit that you need help and seek it. Once the organizing process is complete, you are going to kick yourself and wonder why you didn’t do this sooner. You could have been reaping the benefits of being organized this whole time.

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