Only Bill to Reach President’s Desk in 2012 Focused on Providing Startups with Capital, How will it Affect Rhode Island Startups?

Only Bill to Reach President’s Desk in 2012 Focused on Providing Startups with Capital

How will it Affect Rhode Island Startups?

The Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act was recently approved by Congress and is expected to be signed by President Obama this week.  A measure with strong bipartisan support, the JOBS Act increases access to capital for young companies, and reduces certain regulatory barriers that restrict the growth of startups and small businesses.

Entrepreneurial leaders and startups from across the country are available to discuss how the JOBS Act will affect their businesses and how they can leverage new access to capital. Below, please find local contact who can provide context and help you connect with startups in Colorado. Additionally, we’ve included a statement from Startup America Partnership Chairman Steve Case below.

Rhode Island Contact: 

Gil Lantini
Rhode Island Small Business Journal

Statement from Startup America Partnership Chairman Steve Case: 

“I am pleased that the House overwhelmingly passed with strong bipartisan support the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act to help entrepreneurs get faster access to capital to grow their companies and create jobs. This was a key recommendation of the President’s Council on Jobs & Competitiveness last year, and it has been gratifying to watch Democrats and Republicans put politics aside, join together, and support crowdfunding, an on-ramp for IPOs, among other measures to strengthen our economic competitiveness over the long-term. This came about thanks to strong support from President Obama and the economic team at the White House; Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s leadership in introducing the JOBS Act; and the work of Senators Warner, Moran, Coons & Rubio in introducing the Startup Act and the AGREE Act, which helped pave the way for the JOBS Act. And without the vocal support of thousands of entrepreneurs and their allies nationwide who took to social media to urge passage of the JOBS Act, this would not have been possible.

While it is important to recognize this legislative achievement in the midst of a tough political season – both for entrepreneurship, and for bipartisanship – we still have work to do. First, I hope the President signs the JOBS Act into law. Second, the government and the private sector must both work in a responsible, balanced fashion to properly implement this legislation so that it helps entrepreneurs while protecting investors. Third, I urge Congress to take up the other recommendations of the Jobs Council, including updates to our immigration policies to win the global battle for talent, adoption of new investment incentives, and expanded commercialization of federally funded research. If we continue to put politics aside and get all of this done, I am confident that America will remain the world’s most entrepreneurial nation, the key to our nation’s long term economic success.”


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