NüRoo Debuts New, First-of-Its-Kind NüRoo Pocket A Babywearing Shirt

Company Launches Unique Product Designed Specifically for Skin-to-Skin Contact

(Barrington, RI) January 2013 – NüRoo introduces the first and only babywearing shirt, The NüRoo Pocket, that offers convenience, comfort and fashion for moms practicing Skin-to-Skin contact with their newborns. The NüRoo Pocket affords mom the time to spend Skin-to-Skin by ensuring their baby remains in the optimal position, while providing her with stylish coverage, and hands free mobility.

Skin-to-Skin contact, also referred to as Kangaroo Care, is a holding technique where baby wears only a diaper, and is positioned vertically on mom’s bare chest, creating chest-to-chest contact. Over 40 years of research has proven that in the early months of life, Skin-to-Skin contact creates remarkable benefits for both mom and baby. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) suggests skin-to-skin contact begin immediately after delivery until completion of the first breastfeeding and is encouraged throughout the postpartum period. When practiced for an uninterrupted 60 minutes, Skin-to-Skin can help accelerate baby’s brain development, reduce crying + colic, enhance their immunity, improve their quality of sleep and more.  There are advantages for mom too, as it speeds her recovery time, increases her milk production and reduces the risk for postpartum depression.

“We fell in love with Skin-to-Skin contact after being introduced to the benefits by our nurse midwives. Coming home from the hospital to active families didn’t allow for the time to lay with baby Skin-to-Skin. After searching high and low for a product that offered coverage and mobility and coming up empty handed, the idea for The NüRoo Pocket was born,” said Daniela Jensen and Hope Parish, co-founders of NüRoo.

  • The NüRoo Pocket’s no-slip pocket & support belt keep baby in the correct position to offer optimal skin-to-skin contact
  • Super-soft, breathable, moisture-wicking fabric offers a comforting compression-fit that hugs baby to your skin
  • Multi-functional – serves as maternity wear, a skin-to-skin carrier & a nursing top
  • Adjustable “cross & hug” closures provide the perfect fit every time, even as mom’s body changes and baby grows
  • Easy to wear – forget wraps, straps and ties
  • Easy care – machine washable & dryer-safe
  • For pre-term & full-term babies up to 15 lbs.
  • Available in 3 sizes (XS/S, M/L, XL), fitting pre-pregnancy sizes 0-16
  • Retail price $59.99

The product collection includes styles in black or teal, with a multi-colored patterned support belt included. Available in January 2013 at babiesrus.com and February 2013 at select Babies ʻR Us retail locations.  

To learn more about why baby loves being on your skin, please visit www.nuroobaby.com.  

About NüRoo

Founded by two “mompreneurs,” the company’s mission is to offer mom and baby optimal time together in those first months, allowing for every early advantage. Simply put: Closest to Mom. Best for Baby.ä Information about NüRoo and its debut product, The NüRoo Pocket, can be found at http://www.nuroobaby.com.


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