Now That Your Blog or Website Is Up, Where’s The Traffic?

There are many ways to get traffic to your website and/or blog. Here is a list of 40 websites. 35 of them you may not have heard of before. Some of these websites require you to fill in as much information about your website or blog as you can. Some let you even put in product images and descriptions. Some websites are as simple as only putting the URL in. Some will allow you to instantly be up on their website, others can take months before you show up there. Other websites will require to you put a link to their website on your homepage or resource page.

Here is the list:

1)    Manta – Provides free company profiles & company information on U.S. and International companies.

2)    Merchant Circle – This is a directory where you can interact with other small businesses and send invites.

3)    Hot Frog – This directory allows you to put up product images and update as often as you want. Great to put your new product lines or events.

4)    Twellow – A Twitter directory with categories.

5)    Digg – A popular social bookmark website.

6)    Stumble Upon – Another social bookmark site

7)    Yelp  – Great for brick and mortar businesses where people put reviews on.

8)    Scoop It – Content re-sharing website.

9)    She Told Me – Another social bookmark site.

10) XeeMee – A place to display all your social profiles in one place.

11) Twitter Chats – Great way to connect with others in your niche – you can Google online to see when they will take place and join in with their hashtag.

12) Google Hangouts – The newest online social place to hang out with like minded businesses on Google+..

13) AllTop – A directory of news displayed by topics where you can submit your blog. It may take months to receive an approval or rejection.

14) The Buffer – A great tool to spread out your tweets and Facebook posts but it also displays your business name there as well.

15) PR Org – A place to put your press releases online.

16) The Wall Directory – A directory to submit your website.

17) Zimbo – A place to submit your blog for added exposure.

18) We Follow – Another Twitter directory that goes by categories.

19) SlideShare – A place to display your expertise via Powerpoint presentations. It is also interactive.

20) Squidoo – Another social bookmark website that is a bit complicated. You need to set time aside for this website.

21) Press Releases – Another great place to submit your press releases online and it is also a directory.

22) On Top List – A directory for your blog.

23) DMOZ Directory – This one can take years to get on – they generally accept websites that have a Google Page Rank of 5+. Google ranking takes time. Google really seems to like this directory.

24) Brown – Another directory that you can import your logo and company info and invite others.

Retail: The following is a list of websites for retailers to place their logos and profiles as well as products. Some are for coupons and others are “Social Shopping” – Where people search for things to buy and comment on or recommend to others. These are great places to put your best product images.

1)    This Next – A social shopping website.

2)    The Fancy – A social shopping site similar to Pinterest but has been around longer.

3)    Stylehive – A social shopping website.

4)    ShopWiki – This one you submit your feed to and they will feature all stores on a particular product and show prices. Be careful – sometimes they do post the wrong prices, they generally respond to emails on it.

5)    CouponCactus – A place to share your coupons but you must have their link on your website.

6)    RetailMeNot – A popular coupon site but you cannot easily if at all change it, so be careful what you offer there.

7)    SnapShot – Another coupon website to find deals.

8)    UpFront  – Another social site that uses your product feed.

9)    Foursquare – The infamous check in site, great for brick and mortar and more interactive than ever before!

10) Coupon picks – Another place to share your coupon offers.

11) Tjoos – Another coupon site.

And of course the big ones you must know by now are:

1)    Facebook – You must have a Facebook page by now, right?

2)    Twitter – If not, what are you waiting for?

3)    Pinterest – The most popular social website now for sharing images and just about everything else.

4)    Google+ – Google of course loves this one – so start your page today!

5)    LinkedIn – A great professional social website even for retailers or small businesses to have a presence and participate.

There are also other places that are “niche” specific for you to check out. For example; restaurants have many more places they can be for reviews and menu listings. Just Google your niche with the word directory or reviews and you’ll find more places you can get listed.

Don’t ever think once you build a website they will JUST come. It takes time, promotion, new and traditional marketing along with stamina to get traffic flowing to your new website. There are over 644 million active websites as of March 2012 according to Netcraft. The Internet is still growing by leaps and bounds. The March numbers were up by 31.4 million (5.1%) over the previous month. Don’t get lost in the shuffle. Check out these 40 website resources.

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