New Law to Protect Restaurants, Employees, Local Tax Revenue

BOSTON, MA – A new law passed with the State’s 2015 Budget will provide flexibility to towns to fine restaurants for violations. In the past, the only recourse for any violation was to shut down the restaurant for the night.


“We’re proud that hard-working people will no longer be denied the right to make a living due to someone else’s mistake,” said Dave Andelman, President of the Restaurant and Business Alliance.


By suspending a restaurant for a violation, employees, customers, and government revenues suffer.  A fine system is more logical.  If a restaurant has repeated, egregious violations, it can still be suspended.


Dave continued, “A “violation” can be anything from a customer lighting an e-cigarette to a customer dancing to a customer getting into a fight after leaving the restaurant. In other words, many violations are nearly impossible to stop and not the fault of any given owner, manager, or employee.”


The Restaurant and Business Alliance is a trade association with a mission to foster the conditions for hiring and investment in Massachusetts. The R.A.B.A. focuses on legislation, media and networking within the business community.


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