Nadeau Corporation and US Solar Works Continue To Implement Solar Solutions

ATTLEBORO, MA- Since 2013, Nadeau Corporation Construction Development & Engineering has collaborated with US Solar Works, a forward-looking company headquartered in downtown Attleboro, to offer solar solutions to past, existing, and future clients. President Ernie Nadeau and US Solar Works founder Pete Fine put their heads together and come up with solar solutions for clients, no matter what their electrical demands or structural requirements may be.

“The technology has been here,” stated Nadeau. “It’s simply a matter of sitting down and finding out the best way to approach each project.”

In the past month the Nadeau/US Solar Works team have installed solar arrays for several homeowners throughout MA and RI. The duo has also added a commercial manufacturing business to their list of successful clients served in the last month. They were able to provide each of these 3 clients with enough solar energy to satisfy their entire electric bills on an annual basis, shedding their utility costs.

“We have several more systems getting ready to install, including a solar tracking system, and another commercial installation,” said Pete Fine. “We see a lot of interest with clients who want to reduce their utility electric dependency as National Grid costs continue to rise.”  Because many home and business owners are fuzzy on the specifics of getting involved with clean energy, Nadeau and US Solar Works have no problem holding hands and walking a client through the entire process. “We are geared up and ready to install solar PV and solar thermal systems in both MA and RI….and can handle all the client’s rebate applications,” state Fine. “There are always lots of questions, mostly on rebates and return on investment. Educating clients has always been the best way to help them along.”

But where to begin you may ask? This solar collaborative has put in place a program where business and home owners can have teams visit their location for an energy audit. A complete feasibility study is done to calculate ROI and other crucial aspects of the project so that an intelligent decision can be made by the home or business owner. It helps clients learn to think about business energy needs as a long-term financial investment with positive returns.

When asked about the preliminary costs of these audits, Ernie and Pete insist on keeping this a free service. “Maybe someone’s always been interested in exploring solar as an energy solution for their facility, but they just didn’t know where to begin,” said Nadeau. “That’s exactly why this partnership was created. We want to offer a service that allows a no-obligation approach to dip their feet into solar solutions. It gives small business owners nothing to lose and everything to gain, and it’s been a valuable resource for our past clients.”

To request a free feasibility study and audit, you may contact Sean at 508-399-6776 or email at

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