Monika Weber | CEO and Founder | Fluid-Screen, Inc.

Dr. Monika Weber is a CEO and founder of Fluid-Screen, Inc., a technology she co-invented
during her Ph.D. research in Microelectronics at Yale University. She also holds dual Masters in
Experimental Physics and Theoretical Physics from Germany and Poland respectively. Prior to
pursuing a PhD, Monika worked part time for over nine years in a small family electronics
manufacturing business.
When an outbreak of E. coli bacteria happened in Europe in 2011, thousands of people got sick
within a few weeks. One of the reasons for this is that gold standard in detecting bacteria is still
bacterial culture, a method that takes days. In fact, the culture method is a technology that has
not changed over the last 140 years.
Monika set out to change that with the motto that, in the 21st century, waiting days for tests
results is not acceptable anymore. In response, her team developed an artificial intelligence
enabled microchip that provides information on bacterial contamination in minutes instead of
This platform technology has a much broader potential beyond food contamination. It can
detect bacteria from any fluid sample including water, drug products, blood and urine, with
applications across Global Health all the way from enabling the development of new cutting-
edge CAR-T therapeutics, microbiome drugs of the future, to saving lives across continents with
rapid response to disease outbreaks.
For her work Monika has received numerous awards and accolades including the grand prize at
NASA’s 2011 Create the Future Design Contest, establishing her as an innovator and emerging
entrepreneur. As such she is particularly humbled and grateful for the New England Innovation
To date Fluid-Screen holds seven patents covering its foundational technology. The company
has also successfully completed multiple commercial pilot programs to evaluate the product’s
performance and ensure its readiness for commercialization. Looking forward to the next half
of 2018 the Fluid-Screen team is focused on launching its first beta-system to market with the
mission of providing people globally with lifesaving information.

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