Men Only Yoga Class at Innerlight Begins Sunday September 8 at InnerLight Center

MIDDLETOWN, RI:  Attention stiff guys! Can’t touch your toes? You are not alone. Ease the stiffness in your muscles and joints, improve your balance, and get your game on during the brand new Men Only yoga class at the Innerlight Center that begins on Sunday, September 8 at 7 pm. Register online at or call 401 849-3200 for more information.

Yoga can improve your golf game, your tennis swing, and your swimming stroke by balancing strength with stretching. Certified yoga instructor, Kathy Glaser will teach you to breathe in a way that supports focus, steady mind and feeling better every day. You’ll be in the company of other stiff guys for a lighthearted approach to the many benefits of yoga. Each class will include deep stretching, core strength, and balance work. No experience necessary and no girls allowed!

Need more convincing? Here are the top 3 reasons for getting into yoga, right now:

1) Yoga will make you stronger. Yes, this is the easy one. What guy doesn’t want to have formidable strength in every situation? Unlike repetitive, isolated training of large muscle groups, yoga works every little muscle in your entire body all at once.

2) Yoga will make you faster. Yoga gets you connecting with and controlling your body through every inch of possible movement. This level of conscious control gives you the ability to move far more efficiently. You get fast.

3) Yoga will make you more capable in your body. Yoga helps you get easy in your body – letting go the tension that holds you back. Yoga also connects you with you. You get to learn how to move easily over and around obstacles, rather than struggling to bash directly through them.

Sign up today and soon you will be creating the greatest health and feeling-good of your life.


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About Kathy Glaser

Kathy completed her yoga teacher training with Darryl Olive in Kansas City, and is a RYT 200 with Yoga Alliance. A military spouse, Kathy has had the opportunity to travel and practice many styles of yoga. She provides a light-hearted atmosphere in her classes. She makes yoga fun while inviting students to tap into their spiritual selves with an intention for clarity in their day to day lives. In her classes Kathy offers students the freedom to explore poses with modifications, while slowing down and reconnecting to the breath. Her students will gain strength in the body and develop self-awareness.


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