Marni MacLean Karro, Jack’s Snacks, A Dog Bakery

Marni MacLean KarroMarni MacLean Karro is the owner and operator of Jack’s Snacks, a dog bakery, a full-service bakery for your beloved dog. Before Marni began her business, she attended college at Syracuse University with dreams of opening a restaurant of her own. After college she moved to California soaking up any knowledge she possibly could from any restaurant that would hire her. She then landed a dream job working as the Executive Assistant to Arsenio Hall, learning much about herself, how to be a self-starter, and building confidence in her abilities. She later returned to Rhode Island with her husband to be closer to home and family.

With a passion for dogs and baking, her husband suggested she start a dog bakery which eventually was named after their black lab/pitbull mix, Jack. At the time, Marni saw the pet industry was growing substantially and intuitively she saw there was a demand for higher quality pet food. Her fortitude built what is now one of the only places to buy handmade, wholesome treats and birthday cakes for dogs in Rhode Island.

All of her high-quality products are handmade using human-grade ingredients sourced locally, free from sugar, salt, artificial colors, or preservatives, all of which distinguishes her product from the rest. In addition to her bakery, you can find Jack’s Snacks at local dog boutiques and four Whole Foods Market locations.

Marni works out of her bakery and at local Farmers’ Markets throughout Rhode Island. She serves on the Board of Directors for the Hope Street Farmers’ Market in Providence. She is also a part of Toll Gate High School’s Vocational Transition Program, where students with special needs gain work experience doing various tasks at Jack’s Snacks. Marni said humbly, “I probably gain more from this program. The students’ enthusiasm and the pride in their work is inspiring and invigorating.”

Although many pups are wowed by her product, her success is clearly a testament to her gratitude, ability to cultivate relationships, creativity, and devotion to giving back to others. This is what keeps loyal customers coming back and what attracts new ones.

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