MAE Organization for the Homeless is Looking for Help in 2015

NORTH KINGSTOWN, RI – MAE (MOTHER in Portuguese) Organization For The Homeless is a 501 (c) 3 Organization with a very vibrant board of directors. It was founded by Martinha Javid in 2007 and came from a very spiritual vision. While it is not religiously based, it is dedicated to MARY, the mother of Jesus as SHE was Martinha’s inspiration.

The mission of MAE is to facilitate the healing of our emotional|spiritual greatest paralyzing enemy, DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY, by means of providing a place of ZERO judgement and respite. MAE Organization For The Homeless will provide a place where one can come in from the elements and find inner peace so that they can then find their inner voiceless child. Martinha’s belief, after working with different homeless individuals, is this: they (we) must first heal WHOLISTICALLY: BODY, MIND, SPIRIT so that they can leave homelessness behind and become a functioning member of society.

Currently, we go out monthly and often feed over 300 individuals on the streets of Rhode Island.

We cook these meals fresh at some wonderful restaurants that have opened their kitchens to us. At present, we are blessed by the philanthropic generosity of the CEO of Vanity Supper Club in Providence, RI – Edward Brady. Monthly, we utilize his kitchen to prepare hot meals with fresh ingredients that are still steaming hot by the time we deliver them!

On a weekly delivery basis, the MAE angels make care packages and hand them out as part of the monthly visits. They contain all of the basic essentials one needs to get through an average day: toiletries: shampoos, soaps, shavers, baby wipes, feminine hygiene, shaving cream, band aids/gauze, bus passes etc. In addition, we also collect seasonal donations of clothing (socks and shoes, blankets, tents) and bring them with us.

Last year, Martinha/MAE relieved individuals out of tent living in snowing conditions and was able to put them up in a hotel until she had the funds to purchase them tickets to go back to where they were trying to go: California. This year, we have helped 2 individuals stay at a hotel until efforts were made with another group to successfully help them transition into apartment living. We have aided many transitioning into permanent housing by providing them with furniture and necessary household items.

MAE’s current goals include ending chronic homelessness especially among RI’s homeless veterans by 2016 and are participating in the ZERO2016 Campaign ( Martinha Javid, of MAE, has trained with Barbara Kalil and her husband John Freitas of “Street Sights” and in conjunction with RI Coalition for The Homeless, MAE in homeless outreach finds our chronic homeless individuals wherever they are and either provides assistance or brings them to the nearest shelter if available. “These are life changing experiences” that help me stay grounded, humble and ever grateful” says Martinha Javid.

Martinha’s and MAE’s mission is to help individuals get out of homelessness and facilitate in aiding them into a more productive life, one she “imagines they want to live.” In the words of Ernie Almonte, “the goal is to give them a hand up and not just a hand out.”

2015 is all about on-going educational outreach and raising MUCH NEEDED funds so that we can continue to serve these meals monthly (average cost is $300.00+), as well as purchase most of our toiletries. Our longterm goal is to raise enough money to secure a MAE site in downtown Providence so that we can be within walking distance to the majority of our population. Service/PROGRAMS we aim to provide at our prospective Wellness facility, or as one homeless individual called it “an awesome drop in location”, will be based around the Expressive Arts Healing modalities which have been proven widely effective with and within alcohol/drug treatment centers and for those with cancer, aids, and autism.

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