Lynsey Colgan, A Child’s University


Lynsey Colgan, A Child’s University

Lynsey Colgan, owner of A Child’s University, never thought she would be running a business.  “This is not the path I thought I would have wandered down when I was in college studying to be a teacher…but I am overjoyed that I journeyed down ‘the road less traveled,’” said Colgan.  Now, Colgan owns not just one, but two successful schools in Rhode Island that have witnessed tremendous growth and strong support from the community.

A Child’s University is an early childhood school for children six weeks old to six years old that initially opened in Cranston in 2002, and then spread to Lincoln a few years later.  The school follows a unique staffing model that includes always having more teachers on than required by state licensing and only hiring the most exceptional teachers for their classrooms.  Teachers are expected to create warm, “home-like” environments in their classrooms in order to provide the most comforting atmosphere for their students when they are away from home.  Due to their dedication to providing high-quality education and care, both the Lincoln school and Cranston school received accreditation from the National Association for the Education of Young Children, a recognition less than seven percent of early childhood schools in the U.S. possess.

“[We] truly respect our teachers, children, and families so much and feel they deserve the best,” said Colgan.  “We strive to keep our schools fresh and always filled with new and exciting learning toys.  Every detail holds the utmost of importance to us.”

Colgan is proud to have held a consistent waiting list for both of her schools each year.  She is always adding new programs and equipment, and improving the environment for the children and families so that they feel and see firsthand where their tuition is going. One of the most recent improvements included a million dollar renovation to the Cranston school to create a top-of-the-line early learning school. Even after all of the recent additions to the Cranston school, she still looks for more ways to advance her schools.

“I love knowing that there is never a limit to what our schools can reach or accomplish. There is no one to say, ‘You cannot do that,’ or ‘It cannot be done.’ I know that I can make the conscious decision each and every day to follow my heart and make sure I create the very best learning, growing, and working environment possible for all who walk through our doors,” said Colgan.  “Even during times of expansion when we were really ‘struggling’ due to overwhelming expenses, I knew we could not stop giving to the schools and children. I knew that only a good end result could come from a high-quality input.”

A Child’s University is also committed to Rhode Island and helping out the community.  Over the years, they have brought gifts to the Tomorrow Fund, adopted needy families, wrote letters to soldiers overseas, and sent crafts to nursing homes.  They are currently taking part in a music study with Brown University.  Colgan also wants to get the school involved in Rhode Island’s BrightStars program this year, which rates the best early childhood schools so that parents can easily determine the type of school that fits their family’s needs.

Colgan looks forward to continuing to work with the teachers and families who have contributed to her success: “I can say from the bottom of my heart that I love my job and the people I work with.  I think you have to have a passion for what you work for and if you put your best effort into all that you do, growth in your business is a natural result.  You draw the people and success to your company naturally.”



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