Lollipop Learning Center, LLC

Opened: February 6, 2012

Number of Employees: 7

Address: 2766B Hartford Ave, Johnston, RI 02919


Biggest challenge: My biggest challenge was getting the financing to get started. The banks wouldn’t help because I had to already be in business for a year to even be considered for a loan. The start up costs were so much that I had to start putting a lot of my expenses on my personal credit cards. My other challenge was going through commercial zoning clearance, fire clearance and construction inside of the building.


I have always been an advocate for children and my passion was to become a teacher since I was a young child. I started college at age 17 and studied Early Childhood Education. Throughout college I was student teaching ages preschool to second grade. After College, I immediately started working at a child care center. I knew right away that this was my calling and that I wanted to open a school one day. I taught preschool children for seven years and then I decided to go back into the education field for a degree in Special Education. I now have opened my own Child Care Center and continue with my passion to teach children.

My school is called Lollipop Learning Center, LLC and is “your trusted choice in child care”. We are committed to provide you the best quality child care . Our curriculum is based on principles of child development. Our goals are to give each child a sense of security by helping them develop at their own pace while learning the basic skills. We want the children to feel secure and confident enough to explore and grow in our stimulating educational and social environment. We will provide a variety of individual and group activities designed to help each child develop language and reading readiness skills. We provide programs that enhance physical, social, emotional and intellectual growth along with skills and attitudes which will increase your child’s ability to succeed in school and in the community.


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