Krystal Toro, SOFIT Cycle and Fitness Studio

Krystal ToroKrystal Toro is a fitness instructor and now business owner, who is highly passionate about being healthy, and driving others to greater health. “When a client walks into my class, I want them to feel transported, challenged, and inspired,” said Krystal. While working for a ‘large box gym,’ Krystal noticed a disconnection between focusing on the needs of clients versus how many clients attend her classes, and was adamant about making a change.

In 2014, Krystal took the leap and opened the doors of her own studio, SOFIT Cycle and Fitness Studio, an indoor cycling studio that knows how to shift the boundaries through cycling, TRX, and signature MIX classes. Besides exceptional customer service, Krystal’s ability to marry her passion for fitness, employ instructors who share the same desire, and her unique ability to meet the needs of her customers, makes her gym different from other fitness options in her industry.

Her primary objective was to “create a brand that’s authentic, memorable, and exceeds the customer experience both in and outside the studio. We’re creating a voice to an audience of consumers seeking personalized, empowering, and fun workouts.” Krystal is implementing marketing strategies by way of social media marketing, and trying more unconventional methods of engagement. “Our marketing strategy needs to mirror our business strategy: find a way to make each and every interaction feel personalized and premium,” said Krystal, and that she is doing, receiving over 650 5-star reviews to date.

Not only is Krystal focused on her studio, she has a huge space in her heart that wants to give back. SOFIT Cycle provides free classes to support and raise awareness for local charities through collections for the local animal shelter, fundraising for Free to Breathe, and raising funds for an East Providence family who lost their son.

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