Kick it Up a Notch


by Denis Robichaud

Competition for consumer attention has never been fiercer than it is in this economy. Negotiating that idea with your seller is not without its challenges but can be supported by two key statistics: 84% of people use the internet during their home search and 73% of people drive by or view a home they see online. The Real Estate community has been wise to adapt and integrate “mini-sites” or mini-websites.

Of course the ultimate goal of any website should be to generate interest, drive traffic and ultimately close the sale. With a mini-site we can work to maximize the reach of a listing while targeting specific buyers with information and visuals that typical resources may not allow. With the movement to online only shopping, and data like that featured above, we can more effectively guide and focus our efforts for a listing.
If we consider all of the important design elements as tools to help us leverage our online presence, we would take notice that high performing mini-sites employ a few powerful tools when executed well.

1. Create a consistent look. A single well-branded look that engages your target customer is invaluable. With consumers judging businesses and services online before even reaching out, you have to put your best foot forward as a reputable organization.

2. Wow us in pictures. We’ve all heard the old cliché, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Try not to be lured by the convenience and ease of your mobile device and invest in the power of a high quality architectural photographer who can highlight the details of your listing and capture the true charm and character of a home.

3. Make it real. Build interest by integrating high definition video of your listing. This is another area where finding people with professional equipment and experience can pay off. A well done fly-through of your listing can generate more interest and excitement for the property.

Marketing your listings to online users via a strong mini-site can emphasize your property while supporting your company. Embrace new technologies that can differentiate your business and elevate your brand in the marketplace, it is the competitive edge you are looking for.

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