Jennifer Rose Packaging Demonstrates Ground-Breaking System for Producing/Packaging Custom Gourmet Chocolate Bars

PROVIDENCE, RI — Are you looking for an innovative solution that is easy to use that can boost your company’s gourmet chocolate bar sales? If so, don’t miss Jennifer Rose Packaging’s new Pour-N-Pack system at the Philadelphia National Candy, Gift & Gourmet Show, Booth #123, September 8 – 10, Atlantic City Convention Center, NJ.

Jennifer Rose Packaging will be offering demonstrations to attendees, on how easy and simple it is to use Pour-N-Pack to make custom chocolate bars. “It’s very easy to use,” states Maria Valente, owner, Chocolation’s of Mamaroneck, NY.  “It’s versatile and I love it,” she says, adding, “The more I do this, the more ideas I come up with.” Chocolation’s sells a “Make Your Own Bar”, hosts parties, and provides demonstrations in the community all using the Pour-N-Pack system.

Another customer touts the simplicity of using Pour-N-Pack. “We pour the chocolate directly into the mold, weigh it, top it, and instead of removing the bar we can just leave it in the mold. After it cools, the bar goes into the bags, is placed into the box and gets a label. It’s pretty simple,” states Lisa Dunham, 4th generation owner of Sweenor’s Chocolates in Wakefield, RI.

For chocolatiers interested in producing chocolate bar products, ‘Pour-N-Pack’ offers an innovative solution. Designed to aid artisans in developing new sales channels for their chocolate products, a compostable tray, barrier pouch and paper wrapper will give them a boost for branding. The three-part “green” package provides a classic contemporary look to the packaging of a chocolate bar. Customers at Sweenor’s have responded favorably to the new line. “Part of the beauty of this,” Dunham says, “is that it’s eco-friendly and our customers are into that. It’s a more-healthy product, too.” The entire system is manufactured in the USA.

Will Ralston, co-owner of Grimaldi Candies in Rockledge, FL, comments: “About Pour-N-Pack, “It’s very easy to use, and it is a well-presented way to make specialty chocolate bars. It’s cost effective,” he explains, “as we are not chocolate bar manufacturers.” The clear Pour-N-Pack system shows off the varieties of bars made at Grimaldi, which sell from their two stores in Florida: Chili Lime Chocolate Bar with Cayenne Pepper; Cashew Cranberry Orange; Tropical (pineapple, coconut oil); and Bacon Potato Chip Sea Salt.

“All marketing experts agree that consumers buy with their eyes,” states Paul DeFruscio, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Jennifer Rose Packaging. “When the Pour-N-Pack bars are topped with nuts, dried fruits, spices or anything from your imagination the bars have more visual interest. Also great news for your customers, the barrier bag’s adhesive strip enables them to easily reseal it.”

With brand extension in mind, Sweenor’s Chocolates introduced its new chocolate bar line using Pour-N-Pack in May of 2013. “We came up with a new line of bars that are 72% chocolate with fruits and nuts on top,” says Sweenor’s Lisa Dunham. “It’s been popular.”

More applications for the Pour-N-Pack system include wine-pairing, beer tastings, chocolate bar classes, parties, and many fund-raising opportunities. Maria Valente of Chocolation’s states: “When we do a birthday party, we give the children the chocolate and the toppings. They pour chocolate into the mold, put the toppings on, place the bag and put it in the box. What’s great about it is we don’t have to wait until the chocolate solidifies.”

Grimaldi Candies’ Will Ralston says the company donates 100 percent of after-tax profits from Pour-N-Pack bars to charity.  “We’ve sold more than expected in the last two months,” Ralston reports, adding donations go to V.I.E.R.A. Water Network in developing countries.

Pour-N-Pack has been featured at Beta Spring’s monthly Clambake, in Providence, RI, this past July, and will present chocolate bar samples made in Pour-N-Pack trays at Massachusetts Innovation Night, in Woburn on August 14. Hope to meet you at the show in Atlantic City in September at Booth #123!!!


Paul DeFruscio, Vice President Sales and Marketing
Jennifer Rose Packaging Solutions
11 South Angell St S-269
Providence, RI 02906
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