It Takes a Village: Tiverton Four Corners

It’s been over 300 years and Tiverton Four Corners is still a relatively undiscovered place. If you ask some locals, they’ll say they like it that way. But amidst the long area history and lush farming landscape is a village of small businesses reaping the benefits of this romantic location for its diversity and connection, not its solitude.

Tiverton Four Corners dates back to the early 1700s, and was revamped in the early 80s when a Cambridge couple bought and renovated many of the historic properties. Now over 20 modern shops occupy the buildings along Main Road in Tiverton.
Sue Hudson, reigning veteran at Four Corners, has been owner of Little Purls, a children’s clothing shop for over 26 years. Next door, Amy Lund Handweaver’s sells what she weaves on a handloom. Just down the road, newcomers Cathi and Gerri Fournier of Milk and Honey Bazaar, offer over 100 varieties of cheese. Anne and Charles Page own Nankeen featuring hand-dyed bags made using an ancient and endangered Chinese art form. Even more stylish is Tiffany Peay, who spends time in Tucson, Arizona each year collecting precious gems to make in her jewelry shop. Other shops include two modern art galleries, an elegant home furnishings boutique, an award winning ceramics business, a fine foods café, and the list goes on.

While each holds sacred a different craft, business owners in Four Corners have embraced a collective village mentality. As part of their marketing initiatives last year, the shops banned together to create a holiday raffle where visitors to Four Corners could receive hole punches on a raffle card for shopping. Those who visited at least seven shops were entered to win gifts donated by the businesses themselves. The Merchant’s Association remains focused on similar community-building goals for the future of the town center including promoting arts awareness, enhancing community participation, and keeping up with cosmetic improvements to the area.

Besides retail, Tiverton Four Corners has a reputation for beauty. It’s situated along the FarmCoast, an emerging label for the picturesque rural villages stretching across the south coast towns of Tiverton, Little Compton, Westport and Dartmouth, MA. This area boasts a vibrant arts and farming community, where Four Corners blends right in. Farms are integral to the village economy and congregate in Tiverton for farmers markets, arts festivals, and special events each year.

Kristin and Adam Silveira purchased Sakonnet Farm in Tiverton Four Corners in 2009 and immediately integrated into the town’s unique culture. Kristin is now the President of the Merchants Association, and Sakonnet farm sells fresh herbs, eggs, and other local produce at the popular Four Corners Farmer’s Market. Adam and Kristin raise pigs, ducks, and chickens along with their four children; one of the most rewarding perks of operating the farm, says Kristin, is being able to bring her kids to work. “They’re learning math skills, people skills…that’s why we did it, to have something to do together, all six of us.”

Four Corners remains blissfully rooted in an older time, where family businesses where thriving, neighbors helped neighbors, handmade crafts were sought after, and farms were a staple. Luckily for our small state this cooperative effort is catching on.

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