It’s all about the message!

I’ve spoken with many entrepreneurs who spend an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out the best way to deliver their message and little time trying to figure out what to say in that message.

Finding the right vehicle to delivery a marketing message is important. Finding the target market that needs to hear that message is equally important. But, the most important element of a marketing message is the content of the message.

In order to increase your probability of success, your message has to address three important issues. First, are you clearly stating how your services or products benefit your customers? Are you stating why customers will benefit from your process or products? What will they do differently as a result of choosing your business? How does your business enhance their lives or eliminate an inconvenience?

Secondly, how can customers trust that your company will deliver that benefit promise? Do you offer a money back guarantee? Does your experience, education, or years in business provide a pedigree of trust? Prospects are asking, “Can I trust that this company will deliver on their benefit promise?” In today’s cynical society, all marketing messages must give readers and listeners the comfort of trust.

Finally, we are living in a world of tremendous consumer choice. Most of the consumer products or services look the same…they’re boring! Your marketing messages must tell consumers how you differ from the competition. Your messages must clearly state, “Here’s what we do that no one else does.”

Include these three elements in every marketing message (benefits, trust, and difference) and you see a dramatic increase in customer responses.

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