How Social Media Has Transformed Public Relations

For professionals in the fast-paced B2B marketplace, social media remains a daunting challenge. How does one make the most of a social media tools such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook plus blogs and more? I often hear: “Why do I need to spend time on social media? I am too busy with emails already!”

While a recent Constant Contact presenter shared that 69% of LinkedIn participants are closing business on LinkedIn, the use of social media as a tactical public relations tool may be the key. Generating awareness, reinforcing your brand, and keeping you and your company top-of-mind are vital elements of public relations that can be accomplished — easily and efficiently — through social media.

Smaller, targeted audience

With a carefully cultivated list of connections and friends, your inspired posts and “shares” of useful information go right to the people who matter. While most will not be ready-to-buy, all of your connections and friends could influence others. Instead of hoping that your audience members are reading of your accomplishments in a print or web publication, your news appears directly on their computers/phones/devices.

Extended reach and viral capacity

Repurposing your news via the social-share features of blogs, web sites and social media outlets is the secret to making positive impressions. Whether you are pontificating on laws that impact drugs in the workplace, offering advice about tax credits for small businesses, or inviting clients and friends to a seminar on 401K plans, social media is the hottest way to disseminate your message to your connections, and, hopefully, to the connections of your connections.

ROI of time and energy

We all know that writing articles is great for business-building. For those less inclined to write, create a shorter post or share on your favorite social media site. People just don’t like to read anymore, so a quick highlight of your message written in a fun-to-read way may be your best bet for ROI (return-on-investment) of your time and energy. And, of course, the ultimate call-to-action is that you will be available to elaborate via a one-on-one phone call or face-to-face meeting.

So the next time you are thinking about what to write or where to jump in or with whom to connect, remember that each when you engage your audience using social media, you are enhancing your communications with clients and customers, fortifying your public image,  and increasing your exposure to your target audiences and beyond.


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