HealthID Profile Launches Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign

CRANSTON, RI – HealthID is changing personal mobile health management and they are using NFC (Near Field Communication). The inspiration came from the anxiety and fear of the unknown when CEO/Co-Founder Angelo A. Pitassi, Jr. and his wife felt when the doctor told them their then two-year-old son Angelo has diabetes. Pitassi of Cranston, Rhode Island says, “It felt like taking home a new born all over again.”

That diagnosis came in 2006, and now every day Angelo pricks his finger six times and takes an insulin needle three times. The family constantly tracks every meal and monitors his activity level. Every three months they visit Angelo’s endocrinologist. “Then as parents, reality sets in,” states Pitassi, “how will others know Angelo has diabetes and what happens during an emergency? We purchased several medical alert bracelets, but they were extremely limited with holding critical information and quite honestly, not very cool to wear.”

Today, with CTO/Co-Founder Christopher Melo, HealthID (or HIP) offers a unique patent pending, simple mobile health and wellness manager that works with their HealthID Bands and Cards using NFC technology…it requires a simple “tap”. HealthID’s technology activates with a “tap” from any NFC smartphone to immediately view your emergency and medical information. With the same “tap” your medical condition can be managed from our Mobile App; or access your profile from any pc or laptop.

NFC is available with almost all new smartphones and tablets. Verizon Wireless featured the new NFC HealthID Bands at their booth during the 2013 Consumer Electronic Show is Las Vegas. Now HealthID has made them available to the market using Indiegogo, a leader in crowdfunding campaigns. Check out the HealthID Profile launch campaign at and when you order, 20% of the proceeds will go to a great not-for-profit organization.

HIP solves two issues: the lack of critical information in the event of a medical emergency and the ability for one to simply manage their medical condition(s), with one simple mobile solution.

HIP also offers users the ability to upload and store documents or images such as MRI’s, EKG’s, x-rays, lab results, etc. Users can enjoy the full functionality of HealthID Profile as it offers the opportunity to have better control of their healthcare management.

In addition to the patent pending HIP NFC technology, HealthID will be launching new products such as NFC enabled active wear and NFC enabled interchangeable Medical ID Bracelets with HIP charms. The goal is to offer peace of mind so if there is a medical emergency our wearer’s vital information can be communicated if they can’t communicate it…so get HIP, it could help save lives.

For more information log onto to interview CEO/Co-Founder Angelo A. Pitassi, Jr. or CTO/Co-Founder Chris Melo of Johnston, Rhode Island contact Laura Clarizio 617-852-7784 or

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