‘Green with Bleu’ Series to Offer Classes on Bone Broth, Fermentation, Seeding and more

WARREN, RI – New Englanders can forget this winter’s weather and start focusing on spring in the upcoming ‘Green with Bleu’ workshop series at Hope & Main.

Led by the Bleu Grijalva of New Urban Farmers, the nine-class series will run March through May and include Basics of Bone Broth, Fermentation Basics, B is for Brassicas, Easy Seed Starting, The Succession Garden and more. Cost ranges from $25-$33, with supplies included in the registration fee.

Classes are offered on Wednesday evenings from 6-8 p.m., and will take place at Hope & Main, 691 Main Street in Warren. Registration is required. Complete class list:

March 11: Easy Seed Starting in the Garden and Indoors
Starting seeds early is essential for planning out quality succession planting in your garden. From soil and substrates and indoor lighting to basic care needs, this class will explore the simple and easy steps to seed starting directly in the garden and indoors. The workshop will also include demonstrations on cloning, soil blocking and more. Participants who are fans of heirloom and special varieties of garden favorites like tomatoes, peppers, flowers and herbs, will learn how to improve garden growth and increase harvest. Students will leave class with seeds galore! Cost: $29. Register: http://gwbmarch11.eventbrite.com/

March 18: Necessary Nourishment: Feeding Plants for Healthy Harvest
What is an organic fertilizer? Can you compost at home? Get answers to all of your organic gardening questions and learn the basic principles and techniques of foliar feeding, soil amendments and simple observation skills. We will discuss various nutrient techniques and forms of growing, including biodynamics and soil mineralization, and practices to help you provide plants with the extra nutrients to ensure plant health and a bountiful organic fruit and vegetable harvest. Cost: $29. Register: http://gwbmarch18.eventbrite.com/

March 25: The Succession Garden
This class will focus on how to cultivate a perfect succession garden at home. Participants will learn how to plant one crop after another and to interplant gardens to maximize seasonal harvest. When you grow within a short and intense planting season it is important to plan on proper soil amendments throughout your season. This workshop will walk you from spring through fall on crop planning and soil-fertilizer plans to make your garden grow to your desired needs, as well as how food crops, herb plants and flowers all can be grown together to benefit each other when planted with good planning. This class is great for folks who like to grow a variety of plants and for those who want to maximize garden yields during the growing season. Cost: $25. Register: http://gwbmarch25.eventbrite.com/

April 1: Living Soils
Soil is a living system and the heartbeat of your garden. When we begin to understand what soil health means we can then determine how best to support the life in the soil, eliminating dependence on synthetic pesticides, fungicides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. By encouraging organisms in the soil, we get healthy soil and clean water, sequester carbon, and grow beautiful landscapes and food crops that truly nurture us from the inside out. This class will touch on how to create and maintain a healthy soil. Learn how to nourish your soil that will ultimately nourish you! Cost: $25. Register: http://gwbapril1.eventbrite.com/

April 8: Basics of Bone Broth
Referred to as a great gut soother and beauty elixir, bone broth is a super healing food that is said to help to ease food intolerance and allergies, heal a leaky gut, strengthen joints, ease depression and anxiety, strengthen hair, skin and nails, and boost the immune system. This class will discuss the benefits of homemade broth and the importance of properly sourcing your ingredients. Drawing inspiration from “Nourishing Traditions” and “The Heal Your Gut Cookbook,” participants will learn various preparation techniques for busy cooks and will walk away with a week’s worth of nutrient-dense recipes based on variations of this wonderful traditional food. The workshop will also include a general discussion about gelatin, collagen, broth, and healing the gut for optimal health. We will also have samples of broth to share and enjoy. Cost: $33 (includes materials). Register: http://gwbapril8.eventbrite.com/

April 15: Fermentation Basics
An introduction to the ancient practice of fermentation, this workshop will demonstrate three do-it-yourself recipes in fermenting vegetables, Kombucha (fermented tea) and Tsukemono (Japanese pickles). Using lactic acid fermentation, or lacto-fermentation, this process is among the most common preservation methods and one of the easiest to experiment with at home. An anaerobic process in which bacteria convert sugar into lactic acid, the process acts as a preservative and creates beneficial enzymes, B-vitamins, Omega-3 fatty acids and various strains of probiotics. Whether you’re an enthusiast of culinary tradition, interested in potential health benefits or simply enjoy trying new food preparation techniques, this class will be your how-to guide in creating ferments at home. Cost: $33 (includes canning jars, materials).Register: http://gwbapril15.eventbrite.com/

April 22: B is for Brassica
Dive deep into the delicious and bountiful world of Brassicas! Impress your friends and neighbors with year-round kale, broccoli, cauliflower, mustard greens and more, grown right on your balcony, along driveway or in your backyard. In this class we will learn how to cultivate these well-adapted and nutritious vegetables in coastal New England gardens. We will learn the history of these delectable vegetables along with how to plant, grow, harvest and, of course, how to cook and eat them too. Cost: $25. Register: http://gwbapril22.eventbrite.com/

April 29: Organic Lawn and Garden Care at Home
Planning, creativity and sustainable products are essential for flourishing organic gardening systems and low-maintenance organic lawns. Learn more about effective and natural maintenance practices that will keep your lawn beautiful while keeping your labor to a minimum. Topics covered will include weed control, watering techniques, food & fertilizers, pest management, mulch and other organic cultivation tips to keep both your lawn and garden on track. This class will save you time and money on your lawn and garden care at home – no need to pay expensive lawn care fees when you can do it all at home chemical-free! Cost: $25. Register: http://gwbapril29.eventbrite.com/

May 6: Greens with Bleu
Fresh salad greens are one of the most exciting and rewarding crops to grow year-round in the Rhode Island coastal climate. A salad from your garden can be so much more than a bowl of plain chopped lettuce. From common greens like arugula and spinach, to under-appreciated wild edibles like purslane and amaranth, salad consists of diverse shapes, colors, textures, flavors and nutrients. In this hands-on class, participants will discuss potential plants as well review tips you need to know about producing and collecting your own salad greens from seed to the dinner table. Participants will prepare salads to taste and walk away with seeds to get your salad garden. Cost: $33 (Includes seeds!). Register: http://gwbmay6.eventbrite.com/

About Hope & Main: As Rhode Island’s first culinary business incubator, Hope & Main’s nonprofit incubator program helps local entrepreneurs jump-start early-stage food companies and food related businesses by providing low cost, low risk access to shared-use commercial kitchens and other industry-specific technical resources. Members benefit from extensive mentoring, access to fully-equipped and affordable work space, and immersion in an entrepreneurial environment where they can collaborate with industry experts and peers. Hope & Main’s aim is to create a community of support for food entrepreneurs and to serve as a springboard for the launch and growth of new culinary enterprises. Applications are open. http://www.makefoodyourbusiness.org/


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