Good Internships are Good Business!

CRANSTON, RI – Have you heard the recent buzz about internships?

Studies have shown impressive statistics about better job rates for graduates who have completed internships vs. those who have not. But, hosting an intern doesn’t just provide important work experience for students, youth, and unemployed adults.

Good internships are also good business. Hosting interns will help your organization be more productive, recruit future talent, and reduce costs by making better hiring decisions.

Free help is available to assist you with getting started with your internship program. The GWB even offers subsidies to help you pay your intern. You can also attend a free seminar that will teach you about how to structure an internship program, from writing an enticing job description that will attract the right talent to making sure you are meeting the legal requirements for internships.

Ready to start looking for an intern? Post your opportunity at to find talented students and adults.

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