Four Ways to Catch Big Fish

If you’re a small business owner just starting out, you’re probably wondering how on earth you’ll ever get from where you are now to the point where you’re able to catch the attention of some big customers. It takes strategy and creativity to distinguish yourself, but it is absolutely possible to get big time clients by following these tips.

Take risks and put yourself out there—even when it’s scary
When the founder of my company started out, she was just a young woman in college doing part-time freelance work. She was producing some really amazing stuff—stuff that large creative agencies weren’t doing. Because of the quality of her work and her willingness to put herself out there, she quickly established a reputation for herself and her clients became bigger—all before finishing college!

In her case, it was her sheer courage to go for it even though it was scary that landed her the big accounts. Her designs were great and different, but they never would have been recognized had she not had the courage to put them out there so that people could see that.

Build your reputation as an expert
One way that I have been able to establish myself as a “go-to” person in the tech world is to get out there and start talking about what I know. I write blog posts and print pieces for a variety of publications, and I participate on panels at conferences, lending my expertise and giving advice on a variety of topics that are near and dear to me. I’ve even spoken to classes at local colleges to help establish my reputation as an expert.

I cannot tell you how many leads I’ve gotten by doing this. If you’re that person up there talking (or writing) about what you know and love, you’re going to get some attention from all kinds of places.

Donate your time
Another part of establishing your reputation has to do with simply getting out there and meeting people. Start by getting involved with your local community. Participate on a committee or an executive board for a non-profit you feel passionate about. Go to networking events and get to know all kinds of people. The folks you meet will be extremely valuable resources for you and will bring in a lot of business. What’s more is that you can help them just as much as they can help you. It never hurts to surround yourself with a circle of good mojo within the community.

Have your act together
A very small company can seem much larger and mature if it can project an air of sophistication. One of the biggest tools to help you do that is your website. Having a well thought out, easy to use and mobile-friendly website will speak volumes about your company and what you stand for. Make sure the elements of your site are consistent with your brand and that your content (images and text) are professional and polished.

Hire smart people
Another thing that can help a lot is hiring people who will represent you well. Every representative from your company needs to fit into your brand and project that important sense of professionalism, maturity and sophistication.

Every business owner knows that in order to grow and succeed, you’ve got to put yourself out there. So, don’t be afraid to go after the big fish. Use these tips to help you cast your line and see what you can catch!






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