Flu Season Has Arrived

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Wondering if you Have It?
The diagram above shows just how extensive the symptoms of flu can be.  Of course, other viral infections can cause the same mix but typically the flu has higher fevers (above 102) and a mix of stomach, nose, muscle, joint and face/head symptoms all in one.  (That’s why people are so miserable when they have it!)

If someone I know has it, what do I do?
If you know you have been exposed to flu then definitely contact your doctor for an anti-viral medication to start ASAP to try to prevent you from getting it.

Should I get a flu shot if I haven’t yet?
In my opinion, yes!  It’s still worth it.  Even if you get the flu after having the shot, it tends to be much less severe.  And, if you can prevent feeling horrible for 1-2 weeks, isn’t that worth one tiny little shot?!  I got mine :).

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