Your Brand in the Digital Age

Date(s) - 10/02/2014
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce

Chances are you don’t need a marketing expert to introduce you to platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and blogs. In fact, you’re likely already utilizing some, or all, of those tools. But are you using them in ways that are helping your brand? What about in ways that may be hurting your brand?

Whether you are a business professional with no PR experience or a PR professional looking to offer your clients increased knowledge and expertise, “Your Brand in the Digital Age” is for you. We’ve rounded up some of the area’s top digital marketing experts to share their strategies and tactics to help you make your brand – and your clients’ – the best it can be.

Hosted by the Southeastern New England Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA/SENE) and the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce, the event will kick-off with a networking reception, followed by two 30-minute break-out sessions. Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce President Laurie White will deliver a short welcome message prior to our break-out sessions.

“6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon is so 1994: Effective Networking and Best Practices in the Age of LinkedIn”
Chris Watson, Ship’s Log Communications

Successful networking and communication in the digital age require a tapestry of tools. Among them is LinkedIn, a powerful but often underutilized resource both for individuals and businesses. “6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon is so 1994” offers a close look at the elements of a successful, vibrant LinkedIn presence and how to apply them for effective networking, business outreach, and personal and organizational branding.

“Social Media for Small Business (and you)”
Sarah Johnson, RDW Group

Almost every small business owner knows they should have some type of digital presence to generate awareness of their brand. And many of those who know they should have a digital presence probably do. Yet, only a fraction of them are using it effectively and efficiently. This session will not only give you the tools to improve your social media presence or start it on a strong foundation, but also address some of the biggest challenges personal and small business brands face today.



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