CORE VALUE the Real Truth about Your Business!

Date(s) - 08/28/2014
9:00 am - 11:00 am

Centerville Seminar Center

Value Drivers

If you think of business as an engine, and that financial measures quantify the outputs of the engine–the revenue and profit–CoreValue® quantifies the ‘gears’ inside the engine, and the ability of those gears to work together to drive future revenue and profit at/or above its current rate.

CoreValue® Rating
As you answer questions about your company in 18 different ‘value driver’ categories, CoreValue® quantifies the durability, sustainability, and efficiency of your business engine. Your CoreValue® Rating is scored on a scale from 0-100. The higher your score, the greater the probability your business will be able to generate future revenue and profit at or above its current rate.
When combined with industry data and financial performance (revenue and profit), CoreValue® helps business owners and their advisors understand a company’s enterprise value, potential enterprise value, the ‘Value Gap’ between the two, and what to do to close the gap.

Presented by Bob Sloane of XCELHR

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