Evan Butler | President and CEO | Etiometry

In 2010, two aerospace engineers and a physician turned biomedical engineer realized that the
way hospitals handle the deluge of physiologic patient data is inefficient and does not provide
for the best patient care. This is especially true in critical care, where clinicians are often
confronted with a volume and complexity of data that is above the ability of a single human to
realistically process in its entirety, which when combined with the high stress/high stakes
environment of intensive care leads to patient harm and clinicians’ burnout.

Etiometry was founded to apply aerospace based predictive analytics methodology to
physiologic data, thus harvesting the power of technology to optimize clinical decisions and
improve patient outcomes. The Etiometry Platform is an FDA cleared next-generation patient
monitoring Software Platform that provides intensive care units with actionable timely
information. By synthesizing all physiologic data into specific patient risks, the platform raises
the situational awareness of the whole clinical team, thus allowing them to intervene early and
avoid patient harm.

Etiometry has 7 of the 10 best pediatric hospitals in the world as clients, which provides a
partnership with the leading thought leaders in the pediatric world. The platform has been
already associated with a 25% reduction of patient length of stay, demonstrating a tremendous
potential impact on the $120B per year ICU expenditures. Moreover, unlike the Electronic
Medical Record with which the majority of clinicians are dissatisfied, the Etiometry Platform is
well embraced among more than 90% of its users.

The company current expansion plans include transitioning to the adult market and exploring
the benefits of the platform through more hospital settings.

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