Envision Technology Advisors Announces Cloud Readiness Workshops

PAWTUCKET, RI – Envision Technology Advisors, a leader in cloud and managed services, virtualization solutions, and business-focused technology consulting, has announced the launch of their Cloud Readiness Workshops. Targeted to organizations considering moving part of their infrastructure to the cloud, but unsure of where to begin, these full day workshops focus on that organization’s specific needs and cloud motivation and establish a high-level plan for the next steps in their cloud evolution.

“We consistently hear from companies that understand the benefits of cloud computing, but don’t know how to get started,” says Envision’s VP & GM for Boston, Phil Magnuszewski. “The feedback we consistently receive is that no one is really asking about their specific motivations, as well as their technological and cultural readiness. Most providers were pushing solutions instead of answering their larger questions and concerns about the impact of moving to the cloud. Our Cloud Readiness Workshop was designed to answer those questions and give our clients a clear roadmap for how they can begin to realize the benefits of cloud computing.”

A Cloud Readiness Workshop with Envision begins in the morning with conversations and meetings with key members of an organization’s IT and management team. A working lunch allows the Envision team to review their findings and come up with recommendations tailored to the unique circumstances of that organization. At the end of the workshop day, those findings and recommendations are presented to the group, giving them a plan specific to their company for how they can begin their migration to the cloud.

“Many new cloud service providers have entered the marketplace with a host of innovative solutions,” says Todd Knapp, Envision’s Founder and CEO. “While this has created a wealth of opportunities for businesses looking to embrace the cloud, it has also created a lot of confusion and questions as to what is a right fit and what isn’t. Because our Cloud Workshops start by focusing on an organization’s needs, and not on specific solutions, we can be truly technology-agnostic and help identify which solutions will work best for each circumstance.”

You can learn more about Envision’s Cloud Readiness Workshops at www.envisionsuccess.net/workshop.

About Envision Technology Advisors
Envision Technology Advisors are technology consultants focused on cloud evolution. Envision provides a range of business and technology consulting services to the New England area and beyond, with specialties that include cloud solutions, desktop and data center virtualization, network and wireless consulting, website design and development, enterprise data, and managed services. With offices in Pawtucket, RI and the Greater Boston area, the company has been named a “Best Place to Work” for five straight years. For more information, visit www.envisionsuccess.net.

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