Easy Steps for Buying a New Home


by Daniel E. Giroux

  1. Preparation Period
  • Build a good credit history. Pay all bills on time and keep balances low.
  • Get mortgage PRE-APPROVAL.
  • Consider hiring an attorney to review all contracts and agreements associated with the home buying process. Often lenders will have attorneys available for review.
  • Figure out what you can afford for a down payment and where it will come from.
    • Consider closing costs which can include taxes, attorney’s fees, and transfer fees.
    • Consider utilities and monthly bills.
  1. Interviewing a Real Estate Professional
  • Get a referral from friends, family, and work colleagues that have worked directly with that realtor. Do not use a friend of a friend without a proven track history.
  • Interview several buyers’ agents. Ask about buyer’s representation contracts and agreements; make sure you understand the terms.
  • Explain your needs and expectations to the real estate professional you choose to work with.
  1. Finding the Perfect House
  • Determine what is important to you; particular schools, neighborhood amenities, monthly mortgage payment, public transportation, walkability, etc.
  • Make sure you include home owner’s assessments, utilities, and taxes when calculating the monthly mortgage payment.
  1. Finance the Property
  • Contact your mortgage broker or lender.
  • Make sure you understand the financing terms—ask the lender for clarification, if necessary.
  • Follow your loan originators direct. They are there to assist you but need to be on the same page.
  • Do not apply for new credit, quit your job, change jobs, or deposit large amounts of funds during the loan process.
  1. Make an Offer
  • Read all contracts before signing—make sure you understand all of the terms, ask questions.
  • Place a competitive bid and be prepared to make a counter-offer.
  • Keep your credit score stable and in-check by waiting to purchase any big-ticket items until long after the closing.
  • Ensure the property is inspected by a licensed home inspector.


Daniel E. Giroux  NMLS 26531 Owner, A-Plus Mortgage LLC NMLS # 2748 Licensed Rhode Island Lender And Loan Broker – APLUS  NMLS# 2748 Rhode Island Loan Broker License– 20041842LB ,Rhode Island Lender License– 20142971LL.

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