Dynamic Performance & Rehab Gets People Feeling Right about Themselves

Already deep into the first month of the New Year (and new decade), people vow to change their lifestyle. They want to eat healthier, exercise more, become better at work and/or become involved with numerous other possibilities. Some people will see or feel initial success and therefore, keep driving toward their goal. Others will stop because they fail to show results; thus believing they have not accomplished anything.

For anyone working toward improving their physical health, and that can be easily measured by the increased gym and physical fitness memberships that occurred over the holidays, there is that one other issue that they may not consider: injury prevention/management. Someone can think about becoming healthier, but it can be completely different from bouncing back from physical activity given a person’s age, size, experience, and other factors.

That is where Dynamic Performance & Rehab, LLC, located on 12 Industry Lane in Johnston (inside Next Level Fitness) provides physical and emotional relief from the inevitable aches and pains one gets from working out, playing sports or doing daily activities. The company is co-founded by Dr. Peter Dionisopoulos DPT, and Dr. Karl Busch, DPT, and their objective is making their patients feel better and more confident in their physical abilities.

“We all have those aches and pains from our daily routines, but it can be more than just going about your daily business,” said Dionisopoulos, who played several sports himself and understands first-hand about the meaning of coping with pain and injuries. “For those attempting to become healthier in the coming year, they should understand their movement capabilities before trying the next cool thing they saw on the Internet. These are instances where people end up doing themselves more harm than good.”

Dionisopoulos said there are many misconceptions out there that people should explore before starting on any exercise regimen. First and foremost, they should have the time and discipline to make changes happen. They should also check out facilities where they might join and ask around to see what type of relationship they enjoy with their members. People should also see about what happens when pain starts developing.

The last point is of particular relevance because if and when that happens, one should have a plan in place, said Dionisopoulos. The biggest problem with people is they either ignore the pain, or think, “It will go away.” He said the latter philosophy does not work and in many cases, the situation can get much worse.

While seeing a doctor or a physician can be the answer in some cases, there can be times when they are providing their patients with a generic option. That can lead to temporary relief, but possibly prolonged problems down the road, Dionisopoulos said.

“A doctor might provide the patient with pain medication, or tell them to rest/ice the area that hurts. Even more, they might say to NEVER do the activity that hurts them again. All are well-intentioned advice from their doctor. What if that doesn’t solve the problem, then what is the patient supposed to do next? Most options can be much simpler than having the fear of injections or surgery lurking in the distance. Not exploring them can have increased time in suffering and determents to their overall health,” he said.

When patients seek either Drs. Dionisopoulos or Busch’s help, they receive a free consultation of their issue and possible solutions with an action plan. The treatment can be as easy as altering their movements to coming in and attempting new ideas. Because of their athletic backgrounds, both doctors can relate their experiences on the field to what should work off the field for their patients.

Not surprisingly, that piece of advice can help those who are getting older, Dionisopoulos said. With people living longer lives and making wiser choices regarding what they do and how they do it, the old way of thinking about aches and pain should stay that way, he added.

“As people start to age, they are potentially stuck in the mindset of, ‘it’s just me getting older; this is supposed to happen to me,’ when it really does not have to be the case,” Dionisopoulos said. “We work with our patients to ensure they are better both physically as well as mentally because what could be worse than for someone to give up what they love to do because they think it will be too painful?”

At Dynamic Performance and Rehab, LLC, their staff can bridge the gap between acute injuries and maximum sports performance along a smooth continuum of care that is individually suited to your needs. Whether you are a highly skilled athlete, a weekend warrior, or just want go for a run, we will have you performing at your highest potential without pain.

For a free, no–cost consultation, please contact them at 401-702-0293 or e-mail the facility at staff@dynamicprri.com . Additional details on the facility may be found by visiting their website at www.dynamicprri.com

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