Dunn’s Corner Market – Highlight on Small Businesses That Utilize HealthSource RI SHOP

Dunn’s Corner Market of Westerly, RI, was founded in 1989 by Tony and Cheryl Spino with the focus on their customers, many of whom they are on a first-name basis. In 2002, they expanded to accommodate their growing demand, particularly with the prepared foods and catering departments. In addition to fresh cut meats, produce, dairy, frozen foods, and other groceries, Dunn’s Corners Market houses an extensive salad case, “Heat & Eats,” and a take-out section. They employ 41 full-time staff, with about 5-10 part-time employees for the catering department. Cheryl Spino and the Office Manager, Brenda DeMerchant, heard about the program and felt it was an exciting option for their company.

Cheryl and Brenda then attended seminars about HealthSource RI for Employers and helped educate fellow employees. Dunn’s Corners Market was impressed with all the benefits that came with participating in the Full Choice Program. “There was a huge learning curve in the beginning,” says Cheryl, “but we get a lot of support from Good Neighbor Alliance and our Business Engagement Spet, Shoua Kue of HealthSource RI – she comes right [to the office] to speak with each person..”

The nearly 50 employees at the market can now pick from a range of different plans“Everyone is embracing different levels [of the Full Choice Program],” Cheryl says, “I’m proud they have all educated themselves on choosing a plan that fits for them.”

The Spino’s are also thinking about taking advantage of HealthSource RI for Employer’s Ancillary products, such as vision, dental, life, and accident insurance. After 27 years of business, HealthSource RI for Employers Small Business Health Options Program has allowed Cheryl and Tony Spino to give their employees the healthcare they deserve as they continue to focus on their customers.

For more information on HealthSource RI for Employers:
Visit the newly re-designed website that includes resources for the program with detailed Q&A’s. HSRI has also launched an interactive media component on Facebook for employers and brokers- HealthSource RI for Employers, which highlights Rhode Island businesses utilizing the program, their success stories and other important happenings.

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