Does My Butt Look Too Big In This?

Aah, the age-old question. Timeless yet relevant and, in spite of all the Beyonce, J-Lo and Kardashian hype, a question that many still dread being asked. Most would rather have a brick dropped on their foot than answer, and they often lack the vocabulary to respond with enough grace, to escape the pained, tortured look that could ensue.

Ladies, put your hand in the air if you are with me on this one – we put on an outfit – any outfit – and the first (or second) thing we do is turn sideways to see how we look from behind. And where does the eye fall? Oh, yeah. There!

If your significant other is unfortunate enough to be the one you ask this question, they’re probably wishing they’d excused themselves a few minutes prior. Even your girl pals might lie to you and as a business professional who must always look sharp, you are not likely to find any sympathy at the office either.

As a smaller figured woman, please know this: I am not ‘hating’ on my fuller figured sisters. I’ll be the first to agree that the female rear end has garnered more attention now than at any other time in history (I am no historian, so don’t quote me on that one) and a well-formed derriere is a thing of beauty. Show off what your momma gave ya!!

But – not at the office. Drawing the wrong type of attention to the wrong parts of your body is never the best way to go, so let’s get to the point. Today we are talking butts. That’s right. Butts.

If you are slight of frame like me, you want to add more layers, to give the illusion that there is a little more to you than meets the eye.

  1. Pencil skirts are the ultimate illusion creator.
  2. Belts make your waist look smaller, if you have a very boyish/athletic build.
  3. High heels will also work wonders because it defines your posture, making your walk taller and stand straighter, by pushing the butt out instead of tucking it in.

If, on the other hand, you are of the more-endowed variety, the rest of this article is for you.

  1. The color of your clothing is a great place to start. As we all know, light colors enhance, darker colors diminish, so go darker on the lower half
  2. Wearing clothing that is too tight is never a good idea at the office. You can certainly wear a close fitting top, but make sure it is long enough to sit mid butt, and not at the waist.
  3. Layer with a smart jacket that sits a-top the curve of your butt, about an inch shorter than whatever you are wearing underneath.
  4. Stay away from high-waisted pants, and go for a low-rise waist-band. Make sure your pants are not too baggy; opt for a straight cut or a slight flair.
  5. A straight-cut skirt will look fab on you, but watch for length. A hem line just at the top of the knee will look sharp and chic.
  6. Pointy-toed, slim heeled pumps will look too dainty and make your butt look bigger; opt instead for a more solidly built shoe, with a wider heel and a rounder toe.

So there you have it, girls; a few smart wardrobe picks, and you can walk tall, proud and confident – no matter your size.

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