Do you want Rhode Island to Grow? 3 Ideas to Turn Rhetoric into Action!

Since the recession hit in 2008, the mood in Rhode Island has been volatile. We talk about Rhode Island’s scenic beaches with nostalgia and fervor.  However, when we talk about its economic status it is bleak and disheartening. How can we put a spark back into Rhode Island’s overall image and improve the Ocean State?  On September 7, 2012, the RI Foundation ( accomplished the heroic feat of gathering over 300 private-sector leaders throughout Rhode Island to help solve this pressing quandary. The forum was aptly named “Make it Happen RI.”

Attendees ranged from University Presidents to leaders in the burgeoning arts community to small business owners like me!    The gathering of such diverse minds and expertise fostered a waterfall of creative ideas that the private-sector community can implement. One key theme was to establish partnerships with each other.  We cannot make change alone.  Partnering together will enforce a much more powerful result!

You do not have to be an attendee to participate in this effort.  Here are 3 ideas that will help you grow your business and positively impact our state:

Idea #1:  Partner with Rhode Island Businesses

Buy local, network local, “think” local!  Motivate your employees, colleagues and friends about the importance of supporting local businesses to stimulate the economy.  You may get a better deal buying from a national company or a chain, but will you get the same personal customer service?  Good value is worth a few extra dollars! 

Idea #2:  Create Internships/Apprenticeships for Students

Youth are our future workforce.  As employers, it is our obligation to be strong “role models” for them.  PC Troubleshooters is proud to partner with area schools to provide experiential learning programs that not only teach technical skills but soft skills as well.

With each intern we try to infuse a sense of pride in Rhode Island, promoting the various job opportunities available to them upon graduation.

PC Troubleshooters’ commitment for the next year is to reach out to the career centers of new schools and seek ways to partner with them.  We can all use help within our organizations – an internship is a win-win for all!

Idea #3:  Volunteer = a better you = a better RI!

It is time to step away from your desk!  Select an organization that aligns with your corporate values and share your time, resources anything you can to improve the lives of those in need.  Rhode Island is ripe with an abundance of non-profits excitedly awaiting your arrival!  PC Troubleshooters is proud to partner with several organizations including RISE ( and Clinica Esperanza (

“Cause Marketing,” or promoting a “for-profit” organization’s partnership with a “non-profit” organization for a mutual benefit is a highly effective marketing strategy!  It could mean the sharing of financial resources, employee resources or various services offered by your organization.  Find ways to strengthen your relationships with your clients and colleagues.  Ask them to tell you what organizations they are involved with.  This is a great way to strengthen your relationship with your clients as well as making you feel like you’ve made a difference!

To quote Neil Steinberg, CEO of the RI Foundation, “It is time to turn rhetoric into action!”  There are so many gems within our state. Let’s partner together to promote and enhance each one!   Together we can create an even brighter Rhode Island.

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