Do You Think Your Business is Too Boring to Blog?

So do you think your business is too boring to blog about week after week? If it really is that boring should you just close the doors? You have to get a little creative. Here are some tips so you can generate that unique content for your business blog.

Answer Questions. Use subjects related to questions that come up from customers. If one customer has a question about a particular matter there may be more that have the same question. As questions come up during the week, write them down and think about blogging about them.

Solve a problem. Did a problem recently occur to a customer? Can you help others by providing a solution to that type of problem? That would add value to your blog and keep them coming back to you for answers.

Provide News. Is there recent news about your industry or line of business? Inform your customers and readers about it and become the expert in the field on it.

Run a Contest. People love to enter simple contests. Don’t make it complicated. It could be as simple as to collect their email addresses and then give away a small gift certificate or a free e-Book.

Use Holidays. Write about holidays or a day of the year. The other day was World Diabetes Day, can it relate to your customers or business? Find an angle. Look online for special days of the year and pick those related to your business to write about.

Tell a story. Tell a story about your company’s history, why your company is different and what it can provide to your customers. Make it interesting, light and do not embellish it.

Take some examples of some not so easy to blog about businesses like widgets. How much can one write about a widget you may wonder?

A widget maker could blog about what the widget is used for and about the products it is used in. If a widget is used for furniture you could blog about new furniture designs, where to buy furniture that has your widget. You could tell the story of what your widget does for that furniture and why it is important.

Maybe your widget is used in air conditioners. You could blog about them. You could blog about the weather and how an air conditioner is needed and the health benefits of it. You could go on about that topic for some time. In the winter it could be how to close the a/c down and how to restart when the weather gets warm.

How about a realtor? I’ve seen some blogs by realtors that have many topics from types of home, home furnishings to yard work and weather. The list could really be endless. You could write about the areas surrounding the homes you sell. What the school system is like in a given neighborhood. You could write about the average daily temperature and weather fluctuations for that area. Another topic for several posts could be picking out the best furniture to furnish that new home. Another one would be can you

afford to buy this home? And continue with mortgage rates and helpful information for the new buyer. You could offer numerous tips for sellers on how to prepare that home for sale.

Some may think an accountant is boring, sorry if you are one, (no offense). You could blog tips about how people can save money, how to spend money wisely and maybe on the new math your children are now learning in school. You could offer advice for small businesses on how they can track their taxes for the year and not wait until April 15 to do them. You could offer advice to small businesses so they can make more money with their business. You could even offer some information on new laws that pertain to taxes and small businesses. I’m sure that list will be endless in the coming years ahead.

So if you think your business may be too boring to blog about, Think again. Don’t let it be boring! Go outside the limits of your business and write about the topics on the edge of your business. Then tie it back in to your business. Provide helpful information and you’ll see people coming back to read your blog again and again. You might just gain a new customer along the way too.

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