Disorganized Offices. What’s in yours

Is your workspace disorganized?  People will often say that they have piles on their desk, but they know exactly what is in the pile. Really? How long does it take you to find that document?  5-20 minutes?  You just wasted precious time searching for a document.  When we go through most offices, the piles end up getting thrown out because the information is no longer needed. You probably have piles sitting on your desk starting at you and you don’t even need the information that is in the piles!

When I see a disorganized desk, I don’t think to myself, “Wow, this is a disaster! “  I think, how I can make this person more efficient and productive and set up working organized systems that will keep them organized.

I run into people all the time that say they need to get organized but are embarrassed for me to see their space. If you are embarrassed to have me come in, I wonder how you feel when potential clients, co-workers, or managers see your office.

Every disorganized office that I go into, I find the same patterns. Read on to see if you can relate. As you go through, highlight the ones that apply to you.

This is what I find in disorganized offices.

  • No organized systems in place.
  • Attempts at organization that have failed.
  • Piles of paper that usually get thrown out after we go through them.
  • Organizing supplies i.e., filing trays, vertical trays not being utilized in an efficient manner.
  • Files in drawers that aren’t hanging, they are just thrown in the drawer.
  • Expired medication.
  • Expired food.
  • Money. Checks and cash.
  • Abundance of writing utensils. Most of them don’t work.
  • Empty file drawers.
    • Cluttered file drawers.
    • No drawer organizers being utilized.
    • Office supplies stored in all different areas.
    • Duplicate files stored in all different areas in the office.
    • Files and binders that have not been gone through in years. Most get thrown out.
    • Too much work material on the desk.
    • Too many chatzkies on the desk.
    • Bulletin boards full of cluttered memos.
    • Papers taped to the wall.
    • Bookshelves full of books or binders that are no longer being utilized.
    • Credit card receipts and bank receipts in all different places in the office.
    • Take out menus in all different drawers.
    • Binders not labeled.
    • Space not being maximized.
    • Time management skills need some tweaking.
    • Dirty, dusty desks.
    • No system for business cards.


    When we are going through an office, I constantly hear “I was looking for that” or “I forgot I had that.”

    Can you relate? If so, you are in need of organization. You will be more efficient, more productive, less stressed, have more energy and people will have more confidence in you. Once you get organized your time management skills will improve because you are able to see clearer once the clutter has been removed. When you are finished organizing your office, you will be motivated, energized, and ready to tackle another project. It will feel like you have been cleansed and have a brand new office. You will be excited to go into work the next day. Yes, really! Organize! Energize!

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