Democratic Candidates Solomon and Elorza Take “People’s Pledge” to Keep Third Party Money Out of Mayoral Campaign

PROVIDENCE, RI – In a show of unity in the Providence Democratic primary, mayoral candidates Michael Solomon and Jorge Elorza today announced they are taking the “People’s Pledge” to keep outside third parties from influencing the election. This is in line with gubernatorial candidates in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts who have done the same.


The pledge applies to independent expenditure advertisements and/or direct mail from third parties including, but not limited to, individuals, corporations, 527 organizations, 501(c) organizations, SuperPACs, and national and state party committees. The candidates hope that this pledge will keep the Democratic mayoral primary in Providence fair, transparent, and free of outside influence.


“I commend Mr. Elorza for taking this pledge with me,” said Solomon. “It is unfortunate that Mr. Smiley has not yet embraced this reform minded policy to protect the integrity of our elections. I am confused as to why a model that is good enough for our gubernatorial candidates is not good enough for us.”


“In the wake of Citizens United, we know how pervasive the influence of SuperPACs and other third parties can be, and it has no place in this election,” said Elorza. “We will not allow outside money to determine the outcome of this race. The people of Providence deserve a clean election.

The candidates pledge that if any advertisements or direct mail are sent out by third parties either supporting their campaign or attacking their opponents, they will “within three days of discovery of the advertisement buy’s cost, duration, and source, pay 50% of the cost of that advertising buy to a charity of the opposing Candidate’s choice.” They further agree to increase penalties if they do not comply within three days.


“Over the last four years the Providence City Council has enacted reforms to make city government more transparent and accessible,” said Solomon. “Allowing outside spending to influence our elections would be a significant step backwards for good government in our city.”


The full text of the pledge will be made available on the candidates’ respective websites, and

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