Creative Corridor of Color to be Created in South Providence Starting Friday

PROVIDENCE, RI – The Partnership for Providence Parks, the Providence Parks Department and Family Service of Rhode Island’s Providence Children’s Initiative announce a “Creative Corridor of Color” being created Friday, May 30, at the community garden at Fogarty Elementary School, 199 Oxford Street, Providence, and Saturday, May 31 at the water park building at Harriet and Sayles Park, located next to the school.

Fogarty elementary students and other community members will be painting from approximately 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on Friday at the school and noon to 5 on Saturday at the park. Internationally known artist Max Frieder, the founder of “Artolution,” will be facilitating the project.  Artolution is an international public arts network with projects around the globe.  More information is available at

This exciting and colorful initiative is a part of a “Call for Color” in Providence Parks.

“Color and art bring ownership and creative place-making to spaces, colorfully identifying them as spaces for children and families, and establishing them as areas specially designed for creative endeavors including meaningful play and playful art making,” said Helene Miller of the Partnership for Providence Parks.

“Family Service of Rhode Island and our Providence Children’s Initiative program are pleased to participate in this project,” said Family Service of Rhode Island’s Julie Casimiro, who heads the Providence Children’s Initiative.  “The Providence Children’s Initiative, which led the creation of the community garden last spring, is committed to working with the community to enhance the South Side’s quality of life.  The ‘Creative Corridor of Color’ builds upon this commitment.”

“The overall vision is to create a city of green spaces punctuated with splashes of color that attract and welcome our children to gather and play in safe and creative places,” said Helene Miller.

The Providence Children’s Initiative, created in 2010 by Family Service of Rhode Island, collaborates with community residents and leaders, government, non-profits, foundations and businesses to strengthen the neighborhood.  Its work includes the Walking School Bus, the Fogarty community garden and more.  Family Service of Rhode Island is a non-profit social service and educational organization.  More information is available

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