Creating guest/client euphoria one step at a time

When the economy slows, people get nervous and are generally less willing to part with their hard earned cash. Can you blame them?

When people do decide to spend their money, they want a good deal in return. Not just a good deal as far as price point but a good deal involving overall customer experience. Not so fast. In today’s market environment, customer service has become a cliché and it seems like everyone says they are giving above average customer service. Problem is nobody is doing it right.

Today, people perceive customer service as a “hi” and a “thank you”. It’s not. Maybe we need to change the wording. Instead of “Customer Service” let’s alter it to say “Guest Euphoria”. Would you invite people into your house without saying “Hello”? Is it proper to let your guests sit in your house without offering them food or drink? We all know the answers to these questions. Simple steps like these are especially important for small businesses. We cannot forget the little things because it is the little things that make the biggest impression.

To assist you in creating that euphoric guest experience, I have compiled 4 easy steps to remember the next time a client enters your place of business.

First impressions are the most important. Greet, but don’t suffocate your Guest. Let them know you are here to help if they so desire. Don’t force promotions or information on them the minute they walk through the door. Be patient. Let them get comfortable and look around. Pay attention to what they are looking at and think about questions to ask them when you do approach them. Do not watchen them like a hawk. That can be very uncomfortable for the Guest and is a horrible first impression.

Get to know your Guest. Once you have greeted your Guest and have given them time to settle in, get to know your Guest. Ask a question pertaining to what they might have in their hand or what they may be looking at. This shows interest rather then a sales push. Building a solid relationship with everyone who walks though your door is the key to small business success. Ask them their name and use it in conversation to let them know you are paying attention to what they are saying. Again, it’s the little things.

Never say never. What do you do when you do not have something in stock or you do not have the capacity to create what you client needs? Never say Never. Alway provide a solution to the problem at hand. Dont have a size? Call around or place and order for what they need and give the Guest a timeframe of when it will be received. Forgot to take an order and the Guest is there to pick it up? You have options. If you have to create something, offer to deliver it when it is done. If that cannot work, offer an alternative for a discount and remember humility. The Guest is never wrong. Remember, it is better to lose profit initally and make the Guest happy than to lose that Guest altogether and have them spread negative information about your company.

Go above and beyond. If this is the Guest’s first experience in your store, or it is a Guest who has not been back in some time, give them a little extra. Go the extra mile. If you are a bakery, give them an baked good. A florist, give them an extra flower or two to fill the bouquet. A clothing retailer, give them a percentage off their purchase. Let them know why you are doing it. Tell them you pride yourself in creating the best Guest experience and you want them to be a part of it. Tell them you are showing them your appreciation for spending their hard earned cash at your store. Remember, they could have gone somewhere else. Make them Guests for life. Show your appreciation from the second they walk through the door and maintain that every single time they return.

All of these tips will make your Guests experience a memorable one. After all, the best advertising is positive word of mouth and positive word of mouth comes from giving each Guest a euphoric experience.

Best of luck!

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