Coworking Helps More Than Startup Businesses

Coworking spaces are places where people can come to work and build a stronger community of people from different industries.  Coworking not only gives an advantage to “newbies” to the business world, but to any independent worker.  Everyone who can benefit from innovative ideas and new perspectives should be visiting his or her local coworking facility.


Startups in Rhode Island who are low on budget and need a permanent place where they can focus on work can rent an office or desk at The Hive RI.  Coworking spaces are usually cheaper because they have a lot of temporary visitors.  Who knows, the person working at the coworking space down the street may also be someone with top talent who can assess your business.  Looking for employees? Look around!  There is sure to be someone who at least knows the general idea of your project and you can turn to them for advice and opinions.  When it comes time to hire staff, you can reach out to your trusted network that is familiar with your business design.


As an entrepreneur at a coworking space, you could potentially find your next client or investment.  The Hive has many faces that can lead to all kinds of networking opportunities.  You can expand your contacts and network with their contacts as well.   Even if you don’t use their expertise or your skill doesn’t come in handy for them, you are adding more people to your social circles.  You can endorse each other’s skills and serve as a gateway to meeting more people.

Big Businesses

HR managers are similar to the scouts out recruiting at a high school basketball game when you send them to a coworking space to look for people with unique ideas.  When your company is planning on recruiting someone, have your HR manager look around a coworking facility first.  The HR manager can gain information about what makes employees more productive at a coworking space and can then apply the strategy to their own office.  Another option is to require employees to visit a coworking space independently every so often to positively impact the business.  Coworking facilities are a fantastic spot to test new markets without much of a risk.  Working together with other companies when faced with a problem means more than one angle is thought of, and together you can find a solution.

If you’re still wondering who coworking helps, the answer is all kinds of people.  From startups to entrepreneurs, to big businesses, everyone who spends time in a coworking space has had a positive experience.  Startups can make connections and strengthen their network while continuing to expand their company by using the connections they’ve made to promote their company in some way.  Entrepreneurs can find potential partners or investments.  Big Businesses are able to track up-to-date trends, and scout out new employees, or just offer a faster commute for some employees.  It doesn’t matter who you are; it never hurts to test the waters and try coworking.  Take it from me; I’m a high school senior, and I spend three days a week in a coworking facility.  You can learn loads.





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