Corporate Institute Finds a Way To Meaningfully Tell Stories Through Technology

In our professional lives, we may be asked to create a presentation for an upcoming meeting, speaking engagement or event. Wouldn’t it be great to make something that not only engages the audience, but also resonates with them long after it’s over?

Kenneth Chabert, Prezi Designer and Instructor at Alex and Ani Institute (AAI), is one of twenty-two Prezi Experts in the world.  He utilizes Prezi at Alex and Ani to visually support curriculum materials for the Institute’s diverse workshops and classes, and designs customized Prezi’s for organizational leaders.

Prezi is a Hungarian software company that produces a storytelling tool that uses a virtual canvas for presenting ideas.  It’s the only presentation tool that uses a Zoom User Interface (ZUI), which helps make presentations more impactful by zooming in and out of content.

Prezi’s ZUI abilities allow an audience to feel as if they are a part of the presentation, which decreases the “boredom” factor.  While other visual presentation tools may allow the audience to become disinterested over time, Prezi has the ability to regain the audience’s attention. Mr. Chabert’s Prezi clients have found value in creating impactful presentations through this interactive, engaging tool.

Mr. Chabert was interested in Prezi because it allowed him to fully express himself while presenting ideas to virtual or live audiences.  He could add pictures, text, and videos to capture his audience’s attention, and then zoom in and out to emphasize major points.  Mr. Chabert believes, “It doesn’t get any better than that when presenting!”

Alex and Ani’s leaders and associates have learned Prezi at AAI to continue to develop and enhance public speaking skills.  Mr. Chabert’s students learn how to strategically create a story-within-a-story to fully express the major points within a presentation.  These major points may be organized and connected through Prezi’s ZUI movement which allows opportunity for greater creativity.  Prezi also increases your spatial intelligence and sharpens your problem solving skills while making sense of the virtual canvas and graphic patterns.  If this weren’t enough, Prezi’s also have the capability of being updated, saved, and accessed through a cloud to extend the visibility of a presentation to multiple live audiences.

As Alex and Ani expands, Mr. Chabert wants to make sure that the company’s message of (+) Energy is backed by powerful, visually stimulating presentations that captivate audiences. “Alex and Ani is a powerful brand, and Prezi is an effective method of delivering the company’s message of positivity. Prezi engages members of an audience and keeps their attention,” says Chabert. Additionally, the storytelling culture of Alex and Ani Institute prides itself on engaging students in meaningful self-narratives and dialogues. Prezi aligns with AAI’s storytelling culture by offering workshops that support leaders and associates in this storytelling process.

As the business world becomes more hypercompetitive, learning Prezi in its early stages gives anyone the advantage over the competition.  It is the newest way to present information and adds style to a presentation unmatched by other presentation tools. Developing the ability to bring your story to life through visuals and spatial intelligence is a skill that is invaluable in many areas.

Recently, Mr. Chabert spoke to the first responders of 9/11 at NYU’s Kimmel Center in New York City.  The event was sponsored by Tuesday’s Children, an organization dedicated to providing help and healing to those affected by the tragedy of 9/11.  Mr. Chabert gave a presentation using Prezi as the visual platform, entitled “Summoning Your Superhero.”  This presentation focused on how individuals have the capacity to “reframe” negative situations by finding the hidden lessons in life events.  Mr. Chabert encouraged the power of positive experiences to summon the “superhero” within and overcome challenging life situations. “The true impact of the presentation came from using Prezi because it enabled me to take my audience on a visual and pedagogical journey, which stimulated their abilities to connect to the visual story and to one another,” said Chabert.

Prezi is more than just a platform for presentations: It’s the way to bring your story to life.

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