Champlin Foundations Support Providence Children’s Museum

PROVIDENCE, RI – The Champlin Foundations recently granted Providence Children’s Museum $107,200 for major renovations to its lobby.  The funds enabled the Museum to reconfigure 1,100 square feet, redesigning its entryway and welcome desk, creating a new multi-purpose program space, and expanding its coatroom. The renovation will enable the Museum to increase capacity for activities and birthday parties, increase earned revenue, and improve the overall visitor experience.

The Champlin Foundations make direct grants for capital needs to tax-exempt organizations, with the goal of funding organizations within Rhode Island that make a great impact on a broad segment of the population so they may provide hands-on equipment and facilities to the audiences they serve.  Since 1932, The Champlin Foundations have distributed nearly $480 million to tax exempt organizations for capital needs.

“We are extremely grateful for and proud of the generous support of The Champlin Foundations,” said Museum Executive Director Janice O’Donnell.  “Their focus on capital needs is important, since many capital projects are challenging to fund, and it’s gratifying that The Foundations recognize the Museum’s value to the community.”

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