Central RI and East Greenwich Chambers of Commerce Joins the SBR Network

Earlier this month, both the Central RI and East Greenwich Chambers of Commerce in an effort to support Small Businesses in RI, joined the Service By Referral Network (SBR Network).  SBR Network is a referral networking organization.  The purpose of SBR Network is to provide an opportunity for business owners and professionals to belong to a chapter where they are actively doing business and receive exclusive weekly referrals from their business peers.  Additionally, SBR Network provides business development workshops to assist entrepreneurs and professionals in polishing their presentation, marketing and sales skills.

So, why would a business belong to both their local Chamber of Commerce and SBR Network?  Local Chambers work on the local level to bring the business community together to develop strong local networks, which can result in a business-to-business exchange. In most cases, local Chambers work with their local government, such as their mayor, their city council and local representatives to develop pro-business initiatives. SBR Network forms weekly referral chapters, offers business development workshops and hosts special events where entrepreneurs and professionals build relationships and participate in referral generating activities on a weekly basis.  SBR Network takes a “Micro-economic” focus on helping small businesses grow their sales whereas a Chamber of Commerce takes more of a “Macro-economic” focus on creating and maintaining a friendly business climate for their members to do business in.

SBR Network believes that businesses have a responsibility to join their local chamber to help support a better business climate to do business in, which is why they have also joined both the Central RI and East Greenwich Chambers of Commerce.  The legislative initiatives that our chambers support and lobby for, on behalf of small business owners make a positive impact for everyone in our state – especially by helping small business owners stay in business.  This is why SBR Network is offering their members who are members in good standing of the East Greenwich and Central RI Chamber of Commerce an SBR membership discount. We also actively work to increase the health and membership size  of our local chambers with drives and fundraiser as part of our commitment to a positive business environment.

Referred clientele is typically the most profitable clientele for a business.  When a referral is received, there is implied trust that a product or service will be provided with integrity and at a fair price.  The sales process is usually smooth and efficient.

What makes SBR Network different from other organizations?  The SBR Network motto is: Purposeful Giving – We give in good faith to good people, and good rewards will follow.  SBR Network is People Focused, Family Centered and Prosperity Driven.  SBR Network has some key differences from other networking organizations.  There is a six-month membership with payment plans.  The organization has a more liberal absentee policy for business and family emergencies and medical excuses.  SBR Network allows unlimited member visits to other chapters as long as their specialty category is open.  Members may join another chapter under a different business category (great for businesses offering multiple services).  SBR Network encourages its members to join other organizations.  SBR Network has weekly breakfast, lunch, and dinner meetings throughout RI, MA and CT.

For more information including dates, time and locations of chapters please contact Mary Alba at: maryalba@sbrnetwork.com or call 401-286-8985.

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