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2016 Tech10 Awards: Call for Nominations, Applications

PROVIDENCE, RI – Tech Collective, Rhode Island’s industry association for information technology and bioscience, in partnership with Rhode Island Monthly, announced today it is accepting nominations and applications for its newly expanded 2016 Tech10 Awards program. This is the program’s sixth year and the second year it will be run in partnership with Rhode Island Monthly. Established in 2010, Tech10 is an opportunity for Rhode Island’s business and technology community to nominate its exceptional champions, employees, colleagues, clients, and partners.

This year’s Tech10 will not only recognize Rhode Island’s best and brightest entrepreneurs and IT practitioners, it will also showcase the amazing individuals and organizations driving innovation, education, and growth across the state’s technology ecosystem at large. This year’s program will allow applicants to apply in multiple categories; and multiple winners per category.

Tech10 Categories:

  1. Entrepreneurship / Startups
  2. Techies to Watch
  3. CIO’s / CTO’s
  4. Corporate Giving
  5. Community Partner
  6. Industry Networking/Education Group
  7. Youth Engagement
  8. Tech Education
  9. Workforce Champion
  10. Women in Tech

Individuals can apply for the awards themselves or submit nominations or applications for colleagues, employees, clients, partners, etc. at The deadline for all nominations and applications is Monday, August 15th. The 2016 Tech10 Award recipients will be selected by a judging committee of industry professionals. They will be showcased in the November issue of Rhode Island Monthly magazine and honored at an awards celebration to be held on Thursday, November 10th, 2016.

“As an evolving media world embraces convergence and multi-platform providers of information, we are keenly aware of the role technology will play not only in our business but in the lives of all Rhode Islanders”, according to Rhode Island Monthly publisher John Palumbo.  “As a media entity that provides an ongoing view of life in Rhode Island for the past twenty-eight years, this partnership is fitting to bring much needed exposure to the professionals who are involved in so many levels of technology development.”

“We are excited to be partnering with Rhode Island Monthly in announcing the sixth year of the Tech 10 awards,” said Tom Falcone, Executive Director of Tech Collective. Over the past 5 years, Tech10 has served as a recognition opportunity for individuals who exhibit not just technical expertise, but who are also contributing to growing and mentoring the tech community in Rhode Island. The 2016 Tech10 Award program will expand our recognition of individuals for their leadership in driving different areas of the IT industry forward. We look forward to celebrating our 2016 Tech10 Award winners!”

Nominate, apply, and learn more at, or by following Tech10 on twitter with hashtag #Tech10RI. To view Rhode Island Month’s coverage of last year’s Tech10 winners and event, go to

The 2016 Tech10 Awards are sponsored by Amica Insurance and Cox Business. For sponsorship opportunities, contact Giselle Mahoney at (401) 829-8321 / or Kieran Keating at

ChartWise Medical Systems Adds Chartwise Advisory Services to the Menu


WAKEFIELD, RI – ChartWise Medical Systems, Inc. (, the industry leader in Computer-Assisted Clinical Documentation Improvement (CACDI) software, is pleased to announce the availability of its latest offering for ChartWise 2.0 software users—ChartWise Advisory Services. These services will give users the opportunity to ensure they optimize their CDI programs by maximizing the value they get from the ChartWise 2.0 software solution.

The ChartWise Advisory Services includes a range of options for clinical documentation spets, hospital administrators and healthcare professionals to ensure they have all the training and support necessary to execute the most effective CDI program possible for their hospital or medical center.  These services include educational programs for CDI staff and stakeholders, on-going management report reviews and goal setting, program analysis and workflow reviews, all focused on the ChartWise 2.0 application and the facility’s own reports.

“We’re always listening to our users and searching for new and innovative ways to provide value and enhance their experience,” said Dr. Jon Elion, founder and CEO of ChartWise Medical Systems. “Often, teams are so busy trying to keep up with day-to-day documentation tasks that they don’t have the resources to provide comprehensive training to new staff, fix any issues or make larger CDI program improvements. That’s where ChartWise comes in. ChartWise Advisory Services is consulting done ‘the ChartWise way’ and we can’t wait to work with existing ChartWise 2.0 software users to help them get every bit of value they can from their CDI programs.”

One of the key components of ChartWise’s new Advisory Services offering is the on-site CDI MasterClass that provides basic CDI education for new programs or staff. Also available is an advanced education for more mature CDI programs, with a deeper dive into the issues and challenges facing documentation improvement. MasterClasses include application-focused training and Major Diagnostic Category (MDC) reviews specific to the individual organization.

Additional offerings contained within the ChartWise Advisory Services program include:

  • A CDI advisor to help with specific clinical and documentation issues
  • Executive-level CDI reporting review, KPI setting, and goal tracking
  • Quarterly review of charts to facilitate continued improvement
  • CDI program process/procedure/workflow reviews

ChartWise Advisory Services are available now and are tailored specifically to the needs of ChartWise 2.0 users. For additional information about ChartWise Advisory services, please visit

About ChartWise

ChartWise Medical Systems, Inc., based in Wakefield, RI, is a medical software firm and the developer of ChartWise 2.0, a web-based solution for Computer-Assisted Clinical Documentation Improvement.  ChartWise 2.0’s clinical intelligence expertise assists physicians and clinical documentation spets with increased efficiencies and completeness of documentation, queries and workflow.  Developed by renowned physician Jon Elion, M.D., ChartWise 2.0 is the only documentation software that translates clinical language used by physicians into accurate diagnostic language required for documentation and reimbursement. ChartWise was selected as a 2015 Red Herring Top 100 North America and Global 100 Winner. ChartWise was also selected as the 2015/2016 KLAS Award Winner for the CDI Software category. For more information, visit

Utilizing Technology in MBE/DBE Businesses

by Michael Brito

13827058_editI am utilizing technology to bring this piece to you today. I have chosen an app that allows me to create articles on my iPad in any form I choose, allow me to edit, insert files or attachments, automatically save content, and send the article in part or total; all from within the app.

Our day-to-day use of technology is so ingrained in our actions that most of us don’t even think about the frequency in which we are utilizing technology. We use technology every day on our phones, it can be truly overwhelming. For example, today my morning routine consisted of checking the weather and schedule for the day on my phone, replying to an IM, reviewing my emails, sending an update on LinkedIn (which I then shared with my Twitter & Facebook followers), checking the weather (again), sending reminders to two connections on Instagram, and starting notes for this article all before 6:30 am; all while enjoying music through my Tune-In Radio app!

On LinkedIn alone I belong to three groups that promote the Minority Business Enterprise and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (MBE/DBE) philosophy and mission. These groups offer free discussions and invite members to begin new ones. Most groups sponsor networking events focusing on unique issues faced within and outside the minority community. By utilizing devices to constantly promote my business and stay connected through various electronic formats, I expose myself to opportunities I would never have known about! If you think that marketing is only two dimensional, think again! We have exposure to thousands of viewers when we link ourselves to very accessible online platforms. Oh, did I forget to mention? It’s all free.

We have use of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software that allows us to send messages to our client base in the form of email greetings, special notices, and even company newsletters that is all managed through every device we have. By staying in touch with our people, we build higher quality relationships all through the use of technology. Larger companies we model require us to know about and how to use the latest IT programs, language, and devices. However, we have to get into the technology “groove” and make the most of it. The thing is, our competitors will win if we don’t grasp and stay ahead of technology. Our best use of the tools we already have will prove that we command our day and that we have what it takes to stake our claim on all fronts!

When I imagine what Rhode Island presented to my grandfather when he came to this country from Sao Vicente, Cape Verde, I am filled with gratitude at his achievements; while also filled with wonder of how automated my world is now. All my grandfather had was an office phone, truck, and a typewriter. I have more technology at my fingertips today than the Gemini program had at NASA –and they launched a rocket! All I am ’m doing is running a small business.

So if you’re using your smart phone just to make and take calls, it’s equivalent to buying a home and living in only one room! Spend your time invested in learning about new and useful ways your electronic devices can work for you and your business. Take a class at the Apple store, go online for tips on how to utilize app, and how to expand your business using technology. Most importantly reach out to the MBE/DBE businesses in your circle and ask for advice and also share ideas when you can. You are always welcome to contact me as well. See at the job site!

Start-up Websites

by: Paula Mottshaw

14669816_editThings to think about when creating your website

Potential clients and customers conduct research before purchasing goods and services. They read articles, talk to friends and colleagues, review Google search results, and visit company websites. Having a website is part of doing business. As a start-up business, you likely have a lot of work that needs to be done. Stress intensifies even more if you are a one-person business and are responsible for everything, including your shoestring budget. Even if you have limited funds, you can still have an online presence with a great website.

Make the most of your budget:

Purchase a domain name ( The name should make sense for your business, and be as short as you can make it because you will be using your website name on your business card, letterhead, and promotional items. Purchasing your domain name is something you can do yourself.

Wait to purchase hosting. The company where you purchased your domain name may sell hosting services, but don’t feel pressured to purchase. Just because a hosting company is cheap, doesn’t mean that they are good. You get what you pay for –you really do!

Plan. Take time to think about what you need. Maybe all you need is a basic site with a few pages. Or, if you are selling a product, you may need an e-commerce site to enable you to sell your product online. Look around at different web sites (including competitor sites) and take notes about what you like and don’t like.

Work with a professional. Work with someone who knows what they are doing who can deliver a well-designed site that can help you meet your business (and sales) goals. You need a website that is easy to navigate, easy to read, and contains all needed elements.

“Work with someone who knows what they are doing who can deliver a well-designed site that can help you meet your business (and sales) goals.”

Start small. Start with a site that has a few pages (a smaller site costs less to build), and add more pages as your business grows. Maybe all you need right now are a product (or services) page to talk about what you are selling, an about page (to talk about you and your business), and a contact page. Ask yourself if you really need a custom website (custom sites are usually expensive to build), or can your designer customize a template instead?

Ask for an open-source content management system. An open source system will allow you to take control of your site and do many of your own updates. Open-source systems (e.g. Joomla and WordPress) are in the public domain so anyone can download and use for free. Watch out for those proprietary content management systems that can tie you to a specific company and/ or cost money.

Create meaningful content. Think about what you need. You may have much of what you need right now. Take a look at anything you have written for your company (e.g. PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, etc.). It might be a matter of editing and re-formatting for the web. No one knows your business better than you do, and creating some of your own content will help you to keep control of your budget.

Take the process one step at a time, and you will get there.

Paula Mottshaw specializes in web design and graphic design (print materials) for healthcare and non-profits. She can be reached at

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