Build Your Confidence by Enrolling in Business Classes

When I applied for schools, I planned to be a journalist, but really had no idea what I wanted to do.  I chose Bryant University after conducting some cursory research on their Communication program.  I received my first schedule and was excited, but that quickly changed once I sat through my first Accounting class, which was taught by a very monotonous teacher who made the topic even drier.   For the next three years, I had to sit through many business classes and wonder what I was doing there.   Well, I didn’t know the answer to that question until six business classes and an internship later.  Now, I fully believe that business classes are smart additions for both current students and small business owners to have on their resume, and here are a couple of reasons why.

Find Your Niche

I had no idea what I wanted to do when I began my freshman year.  Taking a variety of business core classes really helped determine what I am good at.  For my business administration minor, I had to take business, marketing, management, computer information, finance, and accounting.  I may not have enjoyed some of those classes, but I figured out where my strengths exist and I became more confident in myself as a businessperson.    Confidence is huge in business – how else can you sell yourself?


One of the least obvious reasons why people should take business classes is because of the opportunity to meet other strong business-minded people.  Professors are a wealth of knowledge and they are great contacts to fall back on when you need help.  And, of course, college is the perfect place to socialize with students.  Taking classes is one of the best ways to determine someone’s strengths and weaknesses.  Look for students who could hire you or who you could hire.  There are plenty of student entrepreneurs who are already starting their businesses and need help.  There are also plenty of students looking to help you out through internships.  Don’t be afraid to simply say “Hello.”


Experience is what matters most in the workforce.  Taking business classes opens you up to team-building and leadership opportunities, practice with financial recording and organization, development of marketing and business plans, and so much more.  Working as an intern will allow you to see how these lessons are used outside of the classroom in a practical setting and will help you determine if you enjoy a specific job.  Unless, you find an internship you really like, I would suggest trying numerous different internships to really get a feel for what you want.  They offer great experiences, and you will get a good referral out of them in the end.  Once you know where your strengths are and what career path you would like to follow, you can start working towards a job or begin improving the job you already do.

Get a Head Start

I never thought about starting my own writing business until I began an internship with a writing consultant who runs her own business.  Now, it’s an idea that excites me and I’m not afraid to go for it because I have the necessary skills.  Having a business administration minor gives you a leg up so that you can tackle your competition.  Colleges and universities have all of the resources available that you need, plus more.  For new beginners, it’s easy to start off by building your portfolio or creating your business plan.  Start living your dream now so that you can ditch the minimum wage job and begin raking in the big money.  Now doesn’t that sound appealing?

Think about it – unless you win the jackpot or inherit large amounts from a rich uncle, the only way you make money is through business, so why not learn the basics of it?  You don’t even have to go for a minor or major, just take one class.  I learned so much just from my management class and I believe it helped transform me into a professional who’s ready to take on the world.  Even those of you who have already started your own business should take advantage of business classes.  It’s hard to pick up business processes by yourself and classes are a great way to lead you through them.   Gain the knowledge, confidence, and contacts you need to run your business just by taking one class.

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